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Once again life starts in our household. Last weekend the hubby and I stopped in at the Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitors Center to inquire of all the trails in the area. If you ever come to the state of Virginia, please stop by the NPS visitor centers’ first and collect all the information as possible. The NPS staff are almost all amazing and very informative. The guide gave us about 6 different pamphlets of various degrees of hiking trails in the direct area. He was amazingly helpful and on Saturday we took his advice for a hiking trail.

Firstly though, we managed to finally get a “heat” pump repair man out to our house. I can’t believe it took our landowners over a week to get someone out here to get some heat in the house. We took off work from 2-6PM to wait. Wait we did since it was after 6PM and we had to call the company up and see where the repair man was located since he was a no-show. Apparently we were told that he was running late (grrr – we took off work for a no show) and he ended up not showing up until 7:30PM. Him and the hubby checked out everything inside and then went under the house to check out the motherboard (or whatever it is called). About twenty minutes under the house, there was smoke coming through our vents and our fire alarms were going off. So apparently the smoke was coming from the electric board/motherboard (whatever it is called). The HVAC man manually started it up and it started smoking. Thankfully the thermostat wasn’t working because we could have started the house on fire! Yikes, scary! I would have hoped the landowners had everything inspected before renting but I guess that’s not the case. We also found out that the system in the house is from 1996 (the lifetime of the system is only supposed to last 6-8 years) and even worse is that it is the cheapest one available. In fact, the system is so cheap that its not sold in normal stores so everything has to be specially ordered since most places won’t carry it. So, that means that we have potentially another full week of no heat in the house. Let’s just say 29 degrees last night was a really brisk one in the house.

So in between freezing, we went out hiking at the Gordon Flank Attack Trail. This is the exact location that the Wilderness Battlefield occurred on May 4, 1864. Two days this location endured fighting between Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant and around 20,000 men lost their lives. It was a tragic two days but thankfully the men are now being honored with a gorgeous dense forest trail that people can come to and reflex on the history of the area and get a little exercise. For us it was around 53F so rather chilly but I’m sure in the summer heat/humidity this trail is perfect for cooling down and getting a workout. The trail is an easy 2.1 miles but there are down trees and the leaves make the trail hard to navigate tree roots and other debris. It’s a nice leisure trail that just about anyone can enjoy and along the path there are signs giving battle information of the area. The hubby, furry baby and I had a lovely hike and enjoyed watching birds and unknowing deer jumping through the forest. This trail is highly recommended.

Sunday we managed to get to a new church before heading off to Fredericksburg shopping area for some much needed winter exercise clothes. The hubby and I took three hours of shopping to come back with a piece of clothing per each hour. I will write of my purchases after I have tried each article. Once back from shopping we delighted in testing out some new running pants and ran 2 miles out in the 50F temps. Thankfully there was sunshine so the run wasn’t as cold as what it could have been otherwise. We had the most delightful run and couldn’t have been happier to get out and run.

Did everyone have a wonderful weekend?