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Photo:  A photo I took in the morning on our lake.

Hooray for Sunshine! Today was the very first day that the sunshine has actually been able to loosen the grips of Hurricane Sandy and show itself to the world. Thank you thank you thank you! It really brightened up my spirits. Additionally, today we have been promised the “heat” pump repair man shall be coming to finally get some heat in our house. At night it’s been in the low 30’s (yea, I’m not talking about Celsius) so it’s been a bit unbearable to sleep with a billion blankets on top of us. Plus, the furry babies are going to be ecstatic to have some heat at night. Last night our poor furry pup started to whimper so we took her out of her blanket covered kennel and she snuggled with us in bed. That’s so unnatural for her – she’s the type of pup that loves to put herself to her kennel at around 9PM without us mentioning it. So, it’s gotta be cold in here if that happens. Today the sunshine is helping warm things up inside and the repair person will hopefully push things along even further in heating up the house, hooray!

Seeing that our state of Virginia has been full of sunshine today, I tied on my comfy running shoes and winter weather running clothes. It was around 11AM and reached to around 53F and I ran 2 miles today – adding an extra 1/2 mile to my hilly run. Oh, those VA hills…  I just love my running gear at this moment though – I only have one pair of real winter pants but I just absolutely love them! Here’s what I’m wearing at the moment for 40-50F degrees.

1. Nike Winter Weather Gear: Love, love, love these pants that keep the heat during those cold winter days.  Note:  I’ve had mine for about five years now so the style has changed a bit but I’m sure the quality is just the same.  Mine show a bit of wear-n-tear but nothing really noticeable – they are a bit pricy but worth the money.  My only complaint is that Nike believes all women are giants.  I’m 4’11” and I have about 2-3 feet of extra material – and they were the smallest available.

2. Under Armour long sleeve winter weather gear: Many different companies make these and I have a few different brands. This is my latest brand though seeing that the company really takes a different approach to styling the stitches. The one that I have so far I stole from my hubby since he didn’t like the feel of the stitching. For me as a woman the stitching is perfect in bringing out my bodies’ figure. It makes my underarms look firmer and my stomach more slender. Plus, it keeps you warm but not overly warm in 40-50F’s.  Mine is dark blue with white stitching all around with a mesh in the lower back.

3. Columbia SRT Winter Hat: I actually bought this a year ago in the kids’ section at Dick’s Sporting Goods Store. It’s a fleece winter hat with braided strings on each side that cover my frozen ears. It’s thinner than more winter hats available but is the perfect transition weather hat.

4. Brooks Lite Running Gloves: Prefect running gloves for 30-50F’s – I’m in love with them. They really do keep my hands warm but not overly warm. Something that I really can’t get enough of is that they do not make my hands sweat and get all itchy like other brands available.

5. Made For Life Vest: I’ve read of other running loving the available vests on the market but unfortunately for me they are a bit steep to test out for my budget. Thankfully I ran out to Plato’s Closet two weekends ago and found a perfect puffy vest to test before buying another name brand. I’ve heard it retails for around $36 USD but I got it for $14.99 I think… I’ve run with it every time I’ve gone out to run and can’t believe I haven’t tried one out before on another occasion. I couldn’t find this vest online so I’m sure it’s from last season.  It’s just a simple purple & pink puffy vest – nothing special.

6. Garmin Watch: No I do not have my own Garmin GPS running watch but I borrow my husband’s when I remember (which I did today). It works wonderful in areas where iPhones don’t even understand where it’s located. I’m looking into other options on the market right now but during my research phase, I’m using his watch.

7. Nathan Shadow Pak (Royal): Sadly I broke my promise of never wearing a fanny pack but seriously don’t be afraid of this one. It is very light weight and you can easily hide it under a shirt or running vest. I can just fit in a house key, a few tissues and my iPhone. When I run I slide it to my back and after the first few minutes I forget it’s still there.

What’s your favorite fall running gear? (Tell me below in the comments, please)