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Seriously I thought we moved to a warmer climate but its so hair raising cold.  The furry babies have retreated to their heated pillows and cuddly blankets and I’ve been freezing my tootsies off.  It may seem like I’m a wimp to cold weather, which I am, my anger towards the temperature decline is thanks to the not so gracious guest, Hurricane Sandy and our old heat pump.  Heat pumps are new to me seeing as though smart people in the northern states have furnaces and not these boxes they call heaters like down here in the southern states.  To make matters worse, our “heat” pump isn’t so much as pushing out warm heat but rather freezing ice creating air.  It’s an older system that our landowners have stated they didn’t notice not working but for us we can’t get the temperature in our house to warm up past 60F.  Yikes!  That’s cold!  Giving them a little credit, they did give us advice on how they made it through cold nights and did call the insurance company to get someone to look at the darn thing (yea, in a week – tomorrow they are supposed to come finally!).  So as we impatiently wait to be thawed out, we were instructed to get a heat blanket on our bed to keep warm.  Hmmm, does that mean the furry babies and I have to sleep all day long too since they know I work from home?  All of us our hoping that the HVAC man can figure out what is going wrong with the “heat” pump tomorrow otherwise I might just take a vacation up north seeing as it might be warmer than our house.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I feel a little better – nothing like a little anger to get someone’s blood flow faster and warm up a little, right?  Sorry if I seem grouchy, that’s just how I am in the cold.  Brrr, I love hot weather!  So, on to my daily life…  Things here have been rather slow (probably because I’ve been frozen to my chair, literally) so I haven’t gotten into too much.  Yesterday I skipped the run outside and did just under an hour of yoga.  Boy do I miss my gym in Ohio!  The yoga was nice and warming.  My relaxing workout was done with an online free certification/ course work site.  It has these amazing videos instructing one about how to limber up and learn more about yoga.  I’m just loving them that I did about four yesterday.  Again, these are all free so if you want to check it out, go to Alison and check out health and fitness.  The classes aren’t intense but rather light and easy.  It’s a great way to warm the body and soul up on those cold days.  Additionally, in the afternoon I got out and hit the yard with our fancy-smancy new Stihl Leaf Blower.  It’s about 11 pounds in total and really can push things around.  Actually if things don’t get warmer around here in the winter like my husband promised before we moved, I’m planning on using this little bad boy for snow too.  It’s totally amazing and doesn’t use up that much gasoline/oil mixture stuff.  Hopefully I’m not being an addict to it because I was out in the 60F for 3 hours pushing leaves around – I showed them who was the boss… until this morning when I woke up and had to do another 2 hours since there was still more.  Ah, well…

For dinner we had leftovers once again from our fall time favorite: Refried Bean Soup. (I added black beans to it this time and had to say I’m not a fan.)  Then we had some leftover candy corn and mustard pretzels (I’m totally German).  Mmm  Okay I’m off to make some Coconut Chocolate Chip Bread for the boys at my hubby’s work.

Question: What’s your favorite recipe for those cold fall nights?