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Hurricane Sandy didn’t really come in full glory but her aftermath certainly hit the eastern coast hard.  My glorious warm fall weather has turned cold and rainy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love rain and have dreams of listening to the rain drip on the rooftops while reading an entertaining book but cold, wet rain isn’t all that its cracked up to be on occasions.  To make matters worse, we have a heat pump instead of a real furnace and our house has cathedral ceilings and mostly made of windows.  Much to our chagrin, the heat pump isn’t working properly and doesn’t seem to want to push any warm air under 60F outside.  So our house gets down to around 61F in the mornings- talk about running to get dressed in the mornings.  We do have a gas fireplace that is working once again but it can’t be used all the time for safety purposes.  So it’s definitely layer weather and occasional runs to turn the fireplace on and then off.  Oh the life…

This morning I decided that since it wasn’t rainy hard and the wind had calmed I would get out and run with Hurricane Sandy.  Maybe if we treat her right, she won’t cause too much trouble, right?  It was about 43F/6C so I chose to wear my Nike winter running pants, my husband’s Nike winter running long sleeve, my new puffy vest, a Columbia winter hat and to complete the look my new lite running gloves by Brooks.  It was the first time to get out in the cooler weather with the new gloves so I was psyched.  Thankfully they are thin enough to hide the wrists under a general running long sleeve and no release any cold air like some other brands.  In addition, they are made of thin material but even I was surprised how warm my hands were kept – a little cold in the beginning but when I started running they were perfect temperature.  Normally I run in gloves for about 1/2 mile and then my hands start to heat up and itch but this was not the case with the new Brooks gloves.  They are perfect and I would highly suggest them to anyone.  One word to the makers though, the touch pads on the finger and thumb do not work on iPhones.   It’s a shame but the flip up thumb works just fine if you have small thumbs.  (Note: I bought my pair at Road Runner Sports.)

After I returned my body wasn’t aching but my stomach was a bit sore.  I had run a bit faster than normal on the new hilly terrain and maybe outdid myself – not that I mind a little pain.  I can’t tell you the time of my run though since my iPhone still doesn’t work here at our location.  For some reason it worked fine the first few times but now doesn’t recognize our area.  Grrr  If only I would have remembered to take my husband’s Garmin watch.  haha  (wagging finger at myself)  Next time, next time…

Okay, I’m off to heat up some leftover red quinoa, steamed broccoli and tofu with Smoked salt for lunch.