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Good Morning Everyone! By now its inevitable that ya’ll have heard about Hurricane Sandy. If not, it’s a tropical cyclone that is apparently coming straight for our little lake house in the country. We’re about 40 minutes south from Washington D.C so it’s definitely coming for dinner and possibly even inviting itself for breakfast too. Such a cheeky house guest! Its okay, as long as she’s a calm guest, we won’t mind.

As any southerner (well, one in training), I am making some baked goodies for her arrival today. For dinner I’m preparing the Elimination Diet Apple Pie (vegan style) and for tomorrow breakfast I’m preparing homemade Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day bagels. Even though Hurricane Sandy has not RSVP’d, I’m still trying to be the proper hostess. I’ll let you know how those go tomorrow.

Other than that, I’m just doing some casual work around the household and working on my resume for work. Right now I do have some online work but I would really like to get out of the country lake house and maybe meet some people. Might I even say I will be able to hold an adult conversation with someone other than the furry babies? Guess that could be a good or bad thing though, hmm… it’s just something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now.

Normally I would recap the weekend but seriously there’s not much to discuss. Friday my husband had off from work so we were able to spend the day at the local DMV getting our license, registration and plates signed over to Virginia. Thankfully the state doesn’t require new residents to take another drivers’ test when transferring over residency. Thank goodness! (Not that I wouldn’t pass but it’s annoying every time we move…) Saturday we managed to get some Christmas shopping completed and even managed to purchase a leaf blower. We completed all that in the morning and then spent the entire afternoon taking care of the leaves in our yard. It’s seriously never ending, grrr… Sunday was church in the morning, grocery shopping and finally some more house organization. We were a boring couple this weekend I’m afraid…

So on to my guest preparations… hopefully tomorrow I can start up again on my 10K training, if our house guest leaves early enough.  What’s your favorite 10K training plan?