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Houses are much more demanding than the simple townhouse, so we are learning once again.  It’s been about five years since we owned our house in Chicagoland and I understand why I loved the townhouse life better than a house.  Leaves are overtaking our yard, actually they are taking over everything in their path.  Last night I even watched our neighbor in amazement rake his leaves and push them towards are side… hmmm, I’m guessing this was due to the fact he thinks I’m doing such a great job and is confused if I’m a professional or not?  What are a few more piles of leaves right?  Most of the yard has gotten a large overhaul of raking but now I have to do something with the leaves.  What does one do with leaves?  We looked for yard waste bags at the local do-it-yourself stores this weekend but no luck.  Suggestions?


So beyond the outside yard work that I am getting my hands into, this weekend was really a fun time.  We made the long hour trip to our local IKEA store for some items that we wanted for the house.  Then we also found out they have some vegan options as far as food goes, just not in the café.   We found Gooseberry Preserves, Boysenberry Preserves and even some vegetarian caviar made from seaweed.  So excited to try the caviar but we are saving it for a special occasion, or whenever I purchase something to go along with it. We got out of there with just one large blue bag of IKEA merchandise, hooray! Then we trekked to my favorite two stores, Trader Joes and Whole Foods Market.  We loved the extra space that the Springfield, VA Trader Joes has but similar to other locations, there is just no room for people to move around.  In fact, I think that the store was larger but there were about double the people.  We couldn’t find some things and we finally just gave up but at least we tried.  I was especially excited to find pumpkins were on sale, Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Pumpkin Butter and even Pumpkin Spice tea.  My husband had to reframe me from going crazy in with all their pumpkin stuff – I’m totally a fall everything lover!  After I calmed down a bit, the husband allowed me to go to Whole Foods.  We didn’t purchase much here because they really haven’t jumped on the bandwagon as far as fall items.  Ah, well… Then we traveled in D.C. traffic for three hours to go our one hour drive home.


Saturday was much more relaxed but still busy at the same time.  We managed to get all the photos up in our home – hooray for no more bare walls.  Additionally we did a little yard work and then headed off on a nice hour walk around a little part of our lake.  I tried to track it with my iphone MapMyWalk app but for some reason it said I was in South Africa – no idea!  It reminded me of that commercial when the lady asks “Are we in London?  Because my card is…”  Too funny!


Sunday was another busy day.  Darling man uncharacteristically made Oh She Glows Baked Sweet Potato Oatmeal casserole for breakfast for the two of us.  Then we rushed off to some stores before church at 11AM- never understood why it was so late but now I do.  We purchased curtains and rods for all our windows and doors.  Then we rushed to church while deciding that maybe it would just be easier and cheaper to get blinds installed.  So after church (which was wonderful), we took some of the stuff back and purchased blinds instead.  We decided blinds in the windows and curtains and rods over the glass doors.  Then we headed to a new Mediterranean store – which happened to be more Turkish merchandise than Jordanian but we aren’t complaining because they had my beloved Freekeh- yay for freekeh!  We actually had found some at Whole Foods but it was in the bulk section.  Since it was getting late we chose to share a Falafel wrap, so thankful we did.  Yum!  We tried a local restaurant but we couldn’t even decide what the falafels were made from…  This one though was really handmade and rather good.  My husband manages to make the best in the world – probably due to the fact that he was taught by our lovely Jordanian neighbors (oh, we miss you guys).  There wasn’t something slightly different about it but we assume it’s a difference of countries’ taste.  Next we went to our local Wegman’s Grocery store.  Finally after a short drive home and a stop at Lowe’s, we unpacked everything and started to put up our blinds.  We ended up not eating until around 8PM which is really late for us but at least we had a nice home cooked meal.


How was your weekend?