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My motivations are always a bit odd I guess but today I am feeling more motivated than the rest of the week to get out there and run.  It’s about 67F out today, which isn’t bad for October weather compared to are former state of Ohio, but still a bit breezy.  I woke up this morning with a slight headache to the right of my head that has been lingering for a few days, so I wasn’t sure if I could make it out to run.  Thankfully I’m feeling a bit motivated thanks to the bribery I set upon myself.  Does everyone else bribe themselves?
Well, I was thankful to have expressed ordered my first box of Lush Bath Supplies.  I’ve been hearing about these bath products for some time after watching numerous videos on You Tube.  If you haven’t seen or heard of this company, I highly suggest trying them out.  I feel in love with their products first of all because they hand make everything but that almost all the products are vegan.  Yep, bath supplies without the harsh chemicals and that are animal friendly.  We do not have any lush stores within an hour from our house, so I ordered a box of things just to test out.  The prices are a bit high but considering the products come from Canada, shipping is a bit steep. So, I had to order a few things to make up for the cost  of shipping and handling.  Just today I got the box and man does everything smell amazing!  I ordered the Sexy Peel Soap, Dreamtime Bath Melt, Body Butter Tin, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, and also the Cinders Bath Bomb. They were so kind to send me a sample version of the Demon in the Dark Body Soap; I’m guessing this is from the Halloween items they have available now.

So my motivation is Lush Products– I promised myself I could open one thing and use it only if I worked out tonight.  Maybe I will have a bath or just use the body butter, oh I don’t know which to use now.  haha  So my suggestion to you is to find a lovely bath product that you have been dying to get and order it.  Then you can use it as a motivational item for your daily runs.  It worked on me today.  Can’t wait!!!

Update: I love Lush Products!!!  They smell amazing and really help you relax. We didn’t care for the Demon in the Dark soap as much because it didn’t suds up as much for the hubby – but that’s probably just a personal preference.  We love the Sexy Peel Soap (I want to eat it!!!) and the Dreamtime Bath Melt that helps me sleep last night.)  We are saving the last two items for this weekend on our special relaxation weekend.  Yay!