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So I’m really behind this week and I’m totally sorry… Maybe due to the stress or raking the leaves too much, I seem to have had a headache the last few days.  For some reason I just can’t shake it, hence, I am behind on these articles.  But I just wanted to let you all know I’m hoping to get headache free with a little run tonight and some indoor exercises.  We still do not have a gym membership just yet since our new gated community doesn’t prorate and we are still trying to decide if we want to take the plunge and pay for an entire 12 months that starts and ends in March.  That means we would lose about 6 months worth of gym membership which kinda doesn’t add up for us right now.  Additionally this means I’m going to search for a lot of online programs that I will definitely mention here on this blog for you all to test out with me.  If you have anything that you love or would suggest, please let me know.
For this week I decided to skip the normal Tuesday Free Online Workout for something a little different.  I was reading online at Sparkpeople (if you’re a sparkie, let me know and I will be certain to add you) of a woman that was having issues with creating meal plans that were lower in calories but were still healthy.  There is nothing more frustrating than starting out on a healthier lifestyle journey when you don’t know where to start.  To add to fault, the government really does do a good ‘ol college try with their campaigns such as the full plate one but seriously, it’s confusing.  For instance, some people consider vegetables to be tomato sauce on pizza – so there goes that full plate plan.  And how does one calculate mixed dishes such as a stir-fry?  Oh, don’t get me started. haha  Does anyone else find fault to the full plate issue?  Or maybe it’s just me?
So, I was remembered way back when I first started to eat healthier and lose weight.  I searched online for a long time for menu plans that were not only healthy but were also reasonably priced grocery lists and didn’t go over my calorie count.  Here are the ones that I found to be beneficial – you may have to tweak a few things but generally you can follow these menu plans easily without too much thought.

Chatelaine Meal Plans:  This website comes from Canada and really has a lot of different plans to the left of the page.  You can choose and pick which one you want each week.  I really do wish there was a vegan one but you can modify the vegetarian one or the Natural Foods Meal Plan.  Some of the other meal plans are easy too if you substitute mock meats or just substitute some of the free recipes that each meal plan provided.

EatingWell:  I’ve never really used this however I have used their recipes on occasion.  The site really does make it easy to find the perfect calorie counting recipes to fit into your necessary needs for each meal.  They do have a vegetarian meal plan but unfortunately they do not have a vegan one just yet.  These plans are 28 days long.

Peta:  I’m not a big Peta fan, I know you’re surprised right?  I do not agree with all their beliefs and methods so it’s hard for me to fully support them, although we do support certain programs of theirs on occasion.  The site has a two week program that anyone can print off and use for free.

Finally I absolutely love this one for new vegans and actually started out with this one myself:

PCRM:  This is a nice 21 vegan kickstart menu plan that I would suggest to anyone looking to be vegan or not.  It was created by professionals looking after your health and really helps you clear out your system of toxins.  We use this in my household a lot throughout the year when we don’t know what to make or are going to be really busy.  So easy to follow.


Do you have any favorite free meal plans?  I would love to see what you all love and try out your suggestions!