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I know, I know I missed Tuesday and I really do hope that you all can forgive me for my absence.  Usually Tuesday’s I offer a great free workout so in honor of my missed day I am going to proffer a new workout.  Basically what you need is a rake and some leaves, even if you don’t have either of these I’m sure you can ask a homeowner and he/she will gladly be able to lend you his/hers.  Heck, if you really want to get involved, I will let you do ours because I’m just that kind.  All kidding aside, I have been raking leaves and have almost forgotten the workout it gives one after living in a townhouse for five years.  I was sweating in no time and then followed the workout with a nice massage of icy-hot.  Ouch!

Today I was simply motivated by the wonderful weather we are having here.  The last two days have been a bit gloomy but today the sun came around the clouds and has warmed everything up so that it just warms your spirit.  So I found these photos in hopes that it will motivate you to go outside today and run, even if it is only 1.5 miles like mine.  (Oh the killer hills that they have here…)