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Last week was really an emotional roller-coaster seeing that we moved from our extended hotel suite to our new rental house.  For some reason I’m totally unexplainable hatred for moving to a new household but love moving to different countries.  Moving to this house in VA has been totally stressful not only because it was very rocky every step of the way but because we had to choose a house that didn’t really meet our requirements but was our only option.  But at least we have a roof over our heads and a place to call home for our contracted one year term.


So I’ve been pressed this last week with unpacking millions of boxes and trying to make everything fit into the small house.  Thankfully the kitchen has enough space for my large collection.  It’s a place I plan on spending many hours.   That is, once I get a step stool since the counters are too tall to handle with my 4’ 11” height.  Finally on Saturday my husband was home to help out a bit and we got some things organized to meet both of our needs.  We managed to get some blinds up in the kitchen for privacy, a few heavy furniture items rearranged from where the movers left them and our kitchen has been arranged.  Additionally on Saturday we managed to go to Miller Farms’ Market in Locust Grove, VA.  It’s a locally run farm that sells just about anything from fresh apple cider (which is actually just apple juice), soap, potpourri, pumpkins and so on. We managed to get a locally roasted pumpkin spice coffee, apple “cider”, cherry apple “cider”, a few pumpkins and a homemade jar of strawberry jam.  The farm was cute but we found the prices to be a bit steep.  It was cute this one visit though.


Saturday didn’t sound like much but we were so tired by the end of the night.  We seriously fell asleep as we hit the pillows.  So as expected from our early evening, we woke up Sunday early.  Church doesn’t start until 11AM so we managed to make a lovely full breakfast of tofu scramble, freshly squeezed OJ, homemade bread and coffee.  It was so relaxing.  We even had enough time to sneak in a short trip to get some toilet paper and tissues before church.  After church we had planned to get a lot of things purchased for the house to make it more livable.  Some things we couldn’t find but we were able to find a few good deals at Target like organization baskets for my new pantry.


Sunday ended with a fast trip to our gated communities’ trash reception area (yea, we pay HOA fees and still have to take it somewhere instead of a truck coming to us) and then making a nice pot of Chef Meg’s Tofu Squash Stew.  We took a nice Jacuzzi bath and relaxed the rest of the night.


How was your weekend?