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I’ve been hearing a lot of about the Tone It Up exercise plans from many different bloggers, it’s a prescription plan complete with recipes and workout schedules.  I’d love to test the waters but I don’t really want to pay for the plan since I’m not sure what I would get out of it.  To tell the truth I have an issue with keeping to a plan for a long period of time, especially if it is a meal plan.  I love to just walk to the farmers’ market, pick up what’s in season and going from there with my meal plans.  It’s not so much a schedule everything down to the last recipe as much in the warmer months when produce is grown nearby.  During the winter months it’s a different story.  I’ve been contemplating and while I think it’s probably a wonderful program, I’m just not sure it’s right for me just yet since I have commitment issues.


So, I went online to see if I could find a few sample schedules to test my ability to stick with the plan.  I just wanted to share it will all of you just in case you are in the same boat as me.  The 6 week plan that I found is not the same online package but is from Lifestyle online through MSN from Australia.  The plan does sound rather easy but I’m sure it’s just a sample plan and not really the “real deal”.  If you want to learn more about the Tone It Up package you can purchase it online at the website.   At least it is something to follow along with for 6 weeks (wow!  Talk about commitment!!)  and see if a follow along plan is what you need.  Maybe it’s just the thing you are looking for to get you back into the saddle and later you can purchase the full package online.


Best part:  You can either do these workouts in two different styles, outdoors or at the gym.  Most workouts can be increase with intensity with more weights or at the beginners level with just your average body weight as your source of strength training.


Test it out and let me know what you think.  Additionally, if you have ever tried the Tone It Up workout plans, what did you think?  Would you suggest it to anyone else?

Mock Plans Here