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So the husband thought it was the best idea to teach me to use old artillery this weekend. Me, me, can you believe that? You are probably saying, “What was he thinking?” Okay, so maybe he didn’t really want to teach me but rather learn about it himself. And okay, so maybe it wasn’t a teaching lesson as much as a lesson on how men during the civil war actually performed their tasks of putting powder down a tube but it still did cross my mind of “danger” on his part. Hehe Kidding aside, we had a wonderful weekend in the land of the historical American Civil War and being a tourist once again.

Last weekend as you all might remember from my major ramble about all the things we did was that we went to Chatham Manor. Well, we were informed about a civil war reenactment over at Historic Port of Falmouth Park in Falmouth, VA but our GPS said it was in Stafford, VA.  This is a famous spot according to the history files where the once slave John Washington crossed the Rappahannock River into freedom. It’s a gorgeous park that one can take a few minutes to look at the river from a nice grassy piece of land but more important there is a bicycle path that follows along some sort of trail but I can’t remember the name at the moment.

At this park we were able to go into history and enjoy the tents and lifestyle of the men and woman of the time period. It was interesting to see and hear the men that were dressed in uniform of the time frame and to learn about the difference between the guns that were available. Of course I’m not a big fan of artillery, war or anything like that but I do enjoy history so it was interesting to hear the very enthusiastic volunteers. We also saw some of the life of the woman that was of the time and in their garb of the time period. One interesting point learned from a woman that they would sit for hours scrapping the medical linens from all debris such as fluff balls. Something we take advantage of these days I guess thanks modern science.

We also hit up our favorite pizzeria, Grioli’s, and also our Thai restaurant, Tarntip Thai. Since we are living in a hotel, we tend to lean towards eating out on the weekends since our tourist frame of minds are in place still. Ah well… One more week and we will move into our new VA house! I have mixed opinions about it since I still have issues with the unknown.

Another place we visited twice is a small park called Alum Springs Park. According to my husband this park used to be a local attraction and people such as George Washington would frequent (he seemed to have been a very busy guy going to all these places). The darling man said he read online that somewhere in this park beheld a small pond that contained special minerals that those of the time believed were healing. Once some people even thought of building a spa here on this land but for some reason it never was built. There are a few small trails available with “historic” spots to peer into history at but I wouldn’t get that excited because the spots are labeled but are nothing more than just holes in the ground now. It was a nice, peaceful hike though along with riverbed and through the rock formations.

Other than another hike up to Lee’s Hill top from the civil war times when he looked down upon the city and fought according to his views, we just spent some time with the furry babies and setting up some things for our new house. Right now we are setting up utilities and trying to get the movers to finally bring our stuff from storage (another issue with the movers…grrr). Praying it all sets into place and we will finally be into our house next week. Keep your prayers coming our way please, thanks.