Today we took a little extra time to ourselves and stayed in the hotel to relax a bit before another long day as a tourist.  We managed to still get to the Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market, attempt two.  Via the internet we found out the market is held in Hurkamp Park so that’s what we put into the GPS and it worked like a charm.  There were about 15 or so different vendors there and most were actually farmers from the area.  In Cleveland we were usually discouraged because most of the farmers’ markets are not real farmers but large businesses trying to take advantage of the latest “buy local” fad.  The large well-known Cleveland Market downtown (always seen on the food channel) is terrible at doing this – it’s hard to find a handful of local farmers.  So, we were thrilled and bought about $14.00 worth of fresh produce.


We did find a local vegan baker that was selling goodies.  She said she doesn’t have a location yet but is thinking about getting something setup in the future.  (Makes me think I might be able to make it here too if I started one.)  The baker was very kind and a pleasure to talk to so if you are in the area, stop on by and get one of her delicious bear claws.  Mmmm


After we stocked our truck with fresh goodies, we went a few blocks further downtown to see the shops once again.  We just love the atmosphere down there and the shops are really fun to just browse.  One store that we mocked before entering but had a ball in was the Cat Store.  It’s just as it says, a store completely made to sell items for cats and the loving owners. Of particular delight to us, the store has four cats that walk around the entire place and greet people.  So cute!


A few hours later we managed to get out our vegan bear claw (man do I miss baking) and then grabbed a Hyperion Espresso Blueberry Lemonade. This time we had to wait about 20-25 minutes in total to order.  Seriously, not sure why this place is so busy besides the fact that there are only a few places downtown – but there are others so we will check them out next time.  The lemonade was like drinking candy, so again the sugar tooth husband got an entire drink for himself again.  He didn’t even drink all of it though…


Finally back to hotel to do some paperwork and then get lunch prepared.  We ate out the last few nights so we wanted to make sure that we ate lunch in at least today.  I took some leftover Aztec Salad (stuff lasts forever!) and made some homemade burritos.  Yum!  It’s really easy if you toss this into a pan with a little spray oil and sauté.  Then add some refried beans, steamed rice and you have an entire meal to go.


Fueled up again we were off to the George Washington Ferry Farm with our furry baby in her backpack.  When we first bought the backpack she would give us looks of torture.  Now we take it out of the closet and she jumps for joy and gets all crazy on us.  She loves having the option of getting out and actually not having to do any of the work such as walking.  So basically it is a way she can see the sights, greet people that will pet her and get free dog cookies all while not missing out on her naps.  Sounds good to me!  Thankfully the staff did allow me to bring her inside (which is normally against the rules) since she was in her carrying bag and fully contained.  Canines are always allowed to go on the outside grounds free of charge.  Adults are $8.00 each.  We found this to be a bit steep seeing that there was really nothing to see but a tarp over George Washingtons’ “house” – which is now a hole in the ground.  It was a nice little walk though and takes about 30 minutes from start to finish if you read everything and walk everywhere.


Ferry Farm really wasn’t that exciting, nor long enough, so we decided to take the furry baby to a park nearby.  We again just chose a park that was viewed on our GPS and went for it not knowing what it was really. It turned out to be Chatham Manor, which is basically a manor that was owned by some rich slave owners.  During the civil war the owners fled the manor and it was then taken over by the soldiers as a rescue unit and hospital.  Supposedly the inside of the house was torn apart for fuel and the outside was hardly recognizable when the owners returned.  There are some more gruesome details but I’ll reframe from sharing those.  We actually couldn’t go into the manor with the furry baby so we decided to do outside and then on Sunday come back for the inside.  The outside is a nice walk through a garden and a few buildings that are available to experience from the early 19th century.


Back at the homestead we chose to go ahead and make a dinner since we were tired of eating out.  I took the A. Smith Distillery BBQ sauce and made BBQ tofu which ended up being just okay.  It was more liquid than other brands so it was an interesting experience.

 Note:  Sorry there are no photos but for some reason I can’t get them to load today.