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This weekend, I had this strange feeling that the hubby and were fake tourists. What I mean by this is that we are technically not tourists since we have no ties to Ohio anymore, besides our Ohio drivers license seeing as we can’t get those changed until we get our permanent residence. Even though we have moved our one car full of things down to Virginia, we haven’t moved any of our things that are in storage still in Ohio. Hence, we are kinda tourists and kinda residents. So seeing as we are still living in a hotel room we decided that we are going to do fun tourist things under the cover of our Ohio driver’s licenses. Shhh… don’t tell.

My husband’s new job runs on a 9 hour work day and every other Friday he gets off work, paid. Such a drastic change from his last position at NASA who works on the “bankable hour” system which allows one to bank overtime into hours to be used whenever he/she wants. Both systems are nice but I’m sure it’s a little crazy to put into a time sheet each week for the hubby. He’s a smart guy though, I’m sure he will get used to it. In honor of his first Friday off, I took him to A. Smith Bowman Distillery. It’s a small distillery right on the outside of downtown Fredericksburg, VA. It’s a small distillery that used to be up north about an hour or so and is now creating a new museum right here in town. There were a lot of advertisements for this distillery so we were expecting something similar to Jack Daniels which I visited last year in Tennessee. Thankfully this isn’t a dry county like good ‘ol Jack so we could have a tasting session for free. The tasting was really a great help in deciding what we liked but as far as the tour, I wouldn’t really recommend it just yet. Both are free but the tour takes about an hour and there isn’t really anything to see since production really hasn’t started up and the museum is 5 years in the making but not yet created. It’s nice to know they are there for future presents though.

Next up the Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market downtown… We actually couldn’t find this even though we put it into our GPS. We finally gave up though and went for a soy frappuccino at a popular place called Hyperion Espresso. We got “lucky” and only waited about 10 mins to order. Usually there is about a 30 min wait. It was okay but nothing special considering the wait – a bit pricey compared to Starbucks too. Next we just did a little walking through the downtown which is a historic city filled with antique shops and other touristy things.

We got tired of shopping and were starving so we went back to the hotel to delight in a few slices each of leftover pizza from last night that was ordered from Grioli’s. We absolutely loved the owner that talked to us for a bit about the creation of the franchise and how everything is purchase by him in the morning and then sliced and diced that day. He made us a vegan approved pizza. Yum! As we just finished lunch, we had a call from our Realtor though and low and behold another issue that she sprung on us. She was demanding some signed paperwork to be given to her right away. This wasn’t the first time she sprung stuff on us but this time it was a bit annoying as a repeat offense. Additionally, the paperwork she wanted was just not possible to get to her in the 10-20 minutes she wanted it in. Finally after calming explaining that we couldn’t get it to her right away, she gave us the telephone number of the landowner’s realtor since she had “another meeting” to get to. Annoying but the other Realtor actually understood (from what we got) and said we could wait until our appointment that was prearranged for this very paperwork on Monday. She was supposed to get back to us just stating that it worked out okay but then never did – so who knows what is going on. Our Realtor never called back either with information. Grrr.. It’s really a struggle down here in VA with real estate – makes a person not want to permanently move here.

We had planned on going shopping for some work clothes for my husband but when we got there we just couldn’t get into it. There was just too much unknown and stress. So we decided to call it good and get some Vietnamese food from as take-out and just visit with our furry babies for comfort. Food was expensive and just okay. They did have a few things that we could make vegan which was really nice, most was Thai though. As we were waiting for our meal, we went next door to a Wine store that had the most extension collection we have seen in one place. We finally found some Aussie beer, Foster’s, and two VA beers from local breweries to take home for later. No, we didn’t drink all three – shamefully we shared the Foster’s and couldn’t drink even half of that. haha