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Sorry about the blurry photo – we were on the road moving…

Guess what?!?! We have finally moved to Virginia! It was about a 11 hour drive from my parents in Michigan but it was the enchanting drive. The weather could not have been more charming from the Michigan fog covered fields, stunning sunrise to the bewitching mountain views. We did get into some traffic in Washington D.C. at around 5P.M. but it was nothing like rush hour in Chicago, where we used to live. Now we are thankful to be settled into our hotel extended stay suite with our two furry babies.

This last weekend we spent unpacking our car with the few belongings we brought for the hotel stay and checking out the sights of the area. We have been here before on two different occasions but never have we had as much time as we do for now to sightsee. Hence, we hit up a few sights that we already knew well such as the Fredericksburg, VA Battlefield (Civil War) and the forever welcoming historic downtown. There is something about this town that just makes someone feel like it’s home – maybe it’s a little bit of being a newbie or it’s just that ‘ol “southern charm”. Hopefully it always gives it’s magnetic appeal so we can finally settle down.

Today is Tuesday, no idea how the time got past me. Yesterday I spend time organizing more and getting things ready for my husband’s first full day of work at his new job. It’s quiet different going from a government position to a private sector that works for the government. It was totally our choice but it does have its differences that I won’t bore you all with right now. So, finally today I have a little more time (apparently since I’m writing, right…)

This morning started off early once again seeing that our hotel is about 50-60 minutes from his office. His company owns a lot of land that requires it to be out in the middle of nowhere, so there are no hotels close to his work worth looking into for three weeks before our house is ready. We are thankful there is Fredericksburg, VA though so that we can have a nice place to call home for this time of transition. So breakfast is on the hotel, which isn’t the best considering the food is mostly prepackaged and not catering to vegans or even vegetarians. Thankfully there are options such as bagels, waffles, fruit and such… Got the husband fed and then sent him off to work…

Morning is me time to answer emails from all of you and work a little on my other job. Then I get into my exercise mode and travel down to the gym for 3 miles on the treadmill. It took about 35 minutes today (yesterday it took 38 mins). I’m working my time down again after a long time of stress and not working out due to the move. After the treadmill I went to the indoor pool and did a few laps and then sat in the spa for about 30 minutes for relaxation.

Afternoon held many different events such as reading the newspaper and completing the two levels of Sudoku (my addiction as of late), writing for work, cleaning a little and even a little sunbathing outside while catching up on some reading with the furry baby. Just like a human baby, our feline actually has a sleep pattern and around 2-3P.M. she likes to take a cat nap. Why do they call it a cat nap though seeing that cats take the longest naps that even surpass humans?

Evening is to be continued…