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Good Morning, Friends! The last few days have a bit hectic around here, but here I mean the state of Michigan. Yep, we are no longer in the state of Ohio as of yesterday. The movers came and took our things away to set into storage for around a month, all depending on when we can sign a lease for a house. To be quiet honest, it’s been very difficult moving to Virginia so far. Housing is all run by realtors which slows the process of real estate realtors down drastically. It’s a very impersonal state of business instead of meeting the owners of a house and setting up an agreement among the two families involved. Sorry, I won’t bore you with all the details but will tell you this, if you are moving to Virginia, make sure you prepare yourself for a long house search and lots of paperwork & money to apply for an application on a house. (Seriously, there is more paperwork for an application on a lease than a purchase!)

Homeless on paperwork but not in the physical state… My parents are generous to allow us to come visit them for the two weeks before actually taking the dive and moving to Virginia. My husband and I were both born and raised here so it’s a blessing to get a little time to visit our old friends, family and destinations for a few days before moving so far away. It’s funny to think that 10 hours away from my family sounds like a lot to me even after I have lived overseas but it is a distance, but hey one has to also think on the positive side that it’s only a 10 hour drive. So, since last Friday, the husband and I have been enjoying family and getting things prepared by telephone for the move.

Yesterday as my husband was driving back from Ohio with his father, I was at home baking away for my family and the teens staying with them right now. In total there were 5 adults and 2 very hungry teens. My parents are awaiting a foreign exchange student from Vietnam on Friday so everyone has been collectively working together to get things in top shape before she arrives. Hence, everyone was famished by the time I got dinner ready last night. In the afternoon I managed to sneak a trip to our local farmer to get some vegetables for dinner. I ended up making Oh She Glows Weekend Grilled Salad outside on the grill, Mixed Half ‘n Half Earthbound Salad Mix, some beef for the carnivores and a homemade apple pie with leftover apples from our Ohio farmer. Everything turned out amazing and I managed to get everyone to try the salad and no one turned their noses up. In fact, the large serving bowl had only ¼ left when I packed it away in the fridge at night.

So, my Thursday homeless in Michigan went very well. I’m happy that our things were safely packed in a large warehouse by our movers and that our Ohio townhouse has been squeaky cleaned and returned to the hands of the land owners. It’s a sad state leaving a place that we loved for five years but we are excited for a new change down south.

Note: Today I didn’t get many photos but I hope to get more the rest of the time, depending on how busy we are with moving and helping out around my hometown. I’m thinking about videos, would anyone like to see videos? Let me know in the comments section.

Photo:  Our beloved cavalier king Charles spaniel (aka the city gal) met the country ants.  Oh how we watched them and sniffed, fun of country living.  So cute!