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No one ever sent me the memo that July 2012 was going to be so crazy hectic.  Or was it lost in the mail?  Lately I have been packing boxes, trying to make meals with the ingredients left in our kitchen and making plans for a my Japanese sisters’ wedding in Hawaii.  So not only are we planning a move to an unknown place (the husband hasn’t chosen yet) but we are also going to Hawaii in the next few weeks for a wedding.  To add to that my grandfather had a great fall and just as humpty dumpty it’s hard to put him back together again.  It’s a lot on my mind and heart right now but constantly I am reminding myself that God only gives us what we can handle, so I know I’m as tough as He’s shelling it out to me.

Hence, I have not been exercising as normal as I had hoped I would be at a time like this.  My husband who believes he can walk across the ground just as Jesus walked across the water, stubbed his toe and has been limping around.  Thankfully it is getting better and we might actually get back into running around this week.  Stress always seems to be weakened by good ‘ol exercise.  In fact, some research has found that exercise actually makes those with depression has less symptoms than couch potatoes.

So, if you are like me and really need some inspiration this week, here is your weekly dosage.


 What’s your favorite inspiration quote right now?