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Happy Monday Everyone!  Wow this weekend really was a scorcher wasn’t it?  Thanks to the hubster and his brand new iPad (My anniversary present to him) we watched the temperatures soar as the peak was 112F.  It’s been so long since I have personally seen the temperatures raise that high.  I love high temperatures but anything over 100F does get a bit too much since the AC has to be turned on.  As you can probably expect, I’m not a person to live in AC – it makes me feel trapped inside.  I was a trapped cage animal, by the end of Sunday and was really getting stir crazy which means I go bother my husband. Lol Poor hubby…  He lived through it though, don’t worry too much.


So what did we get into while trapped inside?  Well, that’s really a good question.  We are thinking about a life change and a move from our current place.  That means a great amount of time was spent packing, cleaning and playing with the animals.  One animal, we don’t know who and aren’t pointing fingers, had a little accident on our faux suede ottoman.  It’s hard not to get frustrated at them at this time since I’m sure it’s just as hard changing things around.  We’re trying our hardest to keep them as calm as possible during this change but sometimes frustration gets the best of us all.  There are some natural calming liquids, such as a chamomile food liquid drops (that’s what we have) available from your veterinarian but right now we are attempting to not use them until necessary.  If another accident happens though, it’s necessary. Lol  If anyone knows a cure for smells in faux suede that can’t be detached, please let me know!

On to a lighter topic: Food!  Seeing as the temperatures were increasing there was no way I was going to go into the kitchen.  Normally I love spending hours in the kitchen prepping, baking & cooking but in the heat it’s on my enemy list.  Thankfully I planned ahead and made two batches of different salads that we are both in love with right now.  Cold salads are wonderful to make a large batch, stick in the fridge and then eat whenever a meal comes around.  Additionally we had homemade bagels prepared and tossed in the freezer and fridge for breakfast.  So along with a diced watermelon, pineapple and plenty of apples to feed an army so we were more than prepared.  The salads we have right now are Raw Macro Salad (Raw vegan) and Oh She Glows’ Long Weekend Grilled Salad.  Still waiting to be prepared is the Oh She Glow’s Lightened Up Protein Goddess Salad.  Mmmm So delicious!

As far as exercise goes, yeah, kinda boring to tell you the truth…  Again, due to the heat weather stations were warning to stay indoors and stay out of the sunshine as much as possible.  So, again, we were stuck inside without running outside.  Basically my only form of sweating it out was running around the house going crazy, packing, moving boxes and dancing like a lunatic.  Something can be said about working it out in the gym but there is always general stuff around the household to keep one busy.  Sorry I wish I had more interesting things to mention recap from this weekend but it was just one of those times…

So, that was my weekend in a nutshell.  Hopefully yours was more exciting.  Anything special happen or eat something new?  Tell me about it in the comments section, I’d love to hear.