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Nondairy milks are every part of a vegan as dairy milk is to carnivores; it gives calcium and protein to make the body strong and healthy. Additionally for vegans can rejoice that a lot of brands actually contain added vegan approved B12, which can be hard to find outside of any animal flesh (meat) source. My favorite brand is hands down Trader Joes’ Almond and Coconut Milks. Not only are these two kinds reasonable priced but they are also low in calories. In my opinion, when a nondairy milk has a ton of calories it is not authentic and contains a lot of additives that no one should be drinking. This excludes soy milk since it naturally contains more calories than its competition.

The darling man loves to have coconut milk and I prefer to have almond milk – it’s always a toss up in our household. Coconut milk (not from a can) to me is a bit thinner in consistency, a bit like skim milk. Almond milk is thicker and has a richer taste without the sweetness as coconut milk. Both are favorites but let’s just dream about the day when we could have both and not fight in the grocery store over which one we wanted to purchase this week. (Usually we end up with both.) Ta-da! Blue Diamond has already done it! And to add to that, they made it vanilla flavored!

A few weeks ago when on another business trip the husband and I came across this blend by Blue Diamond Almonds. Hello, sign me up and call me giddy because I ran to the check out with my purchase. Seriously so excited! Here I was just trying to find something in a small town to have for breakfast and there I found a nondairy milk of mine and my husbands’ dreams. Blue Diamond Almonds really knows what they are doing. How did they read my mind? Or have they been watching the grocery stores security cameras and felt sorry for my husband and me. Lol

At first I was almost not sure if I wanted to taste this little treasure. Firstly I wasn’t sure if I could find it at my local grocery store, since I didn’t want to get hooked on something that was not available at all times. Secondly I didn’t want to be disappointed if it was not what I was expecting. Thankfully it was far from disappointing, it was delicious! Seriously, if you haven’t had it yet, it’s just the best blend between the two favorites adding together the best of both nondairy milks. It’s medium thickness goes well in cereal without making one feel as though missing out and tastes rich and creamy like almond milk. Best yet, it is only 70 calories per one cup! Yes, yes, and yes!

As you can tell, I’m totally into this new nondairy milk and I would suggest it to anyone looking for something that was first created in my dreams. Too bad I couldn’t get royalties but as long as I get to have this in my kitchen every once and a while I’m good to go.

What’s your favorite nondairy milk?