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Hello Everyone from the Sunny State… Um, Ohio?

It’s a beautiful 93F/33C! I absolutely love this weather! Today I have gone on a mile walk with the furry baby before the sun got too powerful and went to the gym. There’s something about the sunshine that makes a person happy and want to workout, oh yeah it’s called Vitamin D.

Today I managed to run for about 3 miles in under 30 minutes – hooray! Normally I take the first mile rather slow and then work my way up. Today the last mile was less than a 9 min/mile! *dancing for joy* I’m trying to increase my speed since I have slowed down my pace drastically in the last few months for some reason. But, that just means I have something to work on right now, right?

So, after I walked with the furry baby, a 1.5 hour workout (weights, sit-ups and run) and finally a walk to and from gym – I was ready for a nice little snack. My stomach was seriously growling so I knew I had to eat something and pretty fast. Haha I love that when it happens because it means I did what was to be done at the airport. Hooray! Thankfully I had a little bag of (don’t judge me) of sweet potato chips leftover from last night with the hubby. It was less than one serving but was a sweet blessing to my irritable stomach.

The lifesaving sweet potato chips were (yep, past tense) called Glories Sea Salt Sweet Potato Chips. This bag was kettle style for anyone who can understand the difference. My only opinion about the “kettle-style” option is that the chips come out crispier than normal but that could just be me. Some people say that these are less oily too but I can’t be a good judge of that unless I directly compare the two. If anyone has done this, let me know the results.

So what I am certain of is the taste and the overloading crunch that could be heard miles away. A crunch that was superior to all others, not to be confused with the type that is stale and hard. That’s a whole different story. Thankfully I found that there was a great crunch, a little salt flavor that fills in that need for something salty after a hard run and finally a sweet flavor that tricks your brain into thinking you are having sweet and savory at the same time. I absolutely love, love these chips! They were the perfect snack at night and also after a hard speed run.

Now I am going to really make you jealous… Guess where I got these little beauties? You seriously won’t guess it. The Dollar General Store! Seriously I did! So exciting! The husband and I were out shopping for a cheap container for him to take a pasta on a business trip and we found this in the food aisle as we were walking through it to pay for the box we found. Normally we do not purchase food from this store but I couldn’t resist. So, we paid $1.00 for the entire bag of 2.5 servings. It was an amazing find. So in the end it was inexpensive, accidentally vegan, healthier than normal chips, and made with health conscious ingredients. It just goes to show one can eat healthy, eat vegan and still find inexpensive choices all around.