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Hello all!  It’s another mid-week lull for me, always on Wednesday.  Possibly it could be the thought process of knowing it’s still the middle of the week, but ah well…  Yesterday I did some speed training on the treadmill for 3 miles in the morning with the additional sit-ups and weight lifting.  Then in the evening the hubby came home and wanted to run again outside.  It was beautiful so what person can turn down that offer?  We ran about 2 more miles at a moderate pace and walked two miles back home.  It was our intention to run further but we had a time constriction to get some pkg bookings done, so back we went.  (Note:  Never call Hotels.com customer service- worst experience out of the millions of times we have used their website.)

Today I have a slight discomfort, not really to the level of a pain but a discomfort.  So, motivation is exactly what I need to get going today.

What’s your inspiration today? Comment,pls