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Belated Weekend Recap

Happy 7th Anniversary Dear Genki Hubby! These last years have seen trials and tribulations not within our marriage but with our combined lives. Not only did we learn how to sprout into adults but also how to live peacefully together, create a balanced Christian life and have become eco-friendly residents on earth. It’s been such an adventure and one that I would not change if given the chance to turn back time.

That being said, I’m sure you can guess why this posting is rather late. Yesterday, June 25th was in fact a busy day for the hubby and me. Generally speaking we do like to keep everything low-key but this year the hubby has a special business trip later in the week so our schedules were tightened by trying to schedule and plan for it. Not that we forgot about our anniversary, oh no, but rather had little time to celebrate. Don’t worry though, we did manage to go out for dinner of Thai at a local restaurant. Unfortunately, it was not the best meal, maybe due to a new chef? Not really sure but we haven’t had much luck at this restaurant (food or staff) and shamefully it’s the only one in our area.

We managed to share two main entrees to share, both were specially ordered to be vegan and add tofu. It’s so wonderful how Thai restaurants can usually add tofu instead of meat in just about any dish. Additional, Thai restaurants normally cook all meals with coconut milk instead of dairy milk or any other animal derived ingredients. It’s a great option for vegetarian and vegans! Let it be known though that coconut milk does have a higher count of fat per serving, similar to Indian curries. Healthy food is good but only in moderation; guess it means we can’t be greedy even with healthy ingredients. Darn…

For the rest of the weekend, we spent a lot of time organizing things in our household. It is amazing how “stuff” or shall I say “junk” collects over such a small amount of time. In our household, it’s not paperwork or misc items that we hoard but rather we have two vices, CD’s and books. Last time we moved our moving men (who were rather buff and so fantastic), commented on possible broken backs and heart-attacks with our book boxes. It was just a humorous comment but we took it to heart that maybe it’s time to filter through all of them. So, this weekend that’s what I started out doing- sorting through CD’s and books. The CD’s took most of my time, seeing that I was getting rid of all the plastic jewel cases and putting the rest of the CD’s and booklets into one case for storage and backup. It not only reduces our stock massively but also allows us to recycle those plastic cases. As I was doing this, I managed to organize my iTunes account and put in all the titles and album artwork. Such a small task really is time consuming; I’m still surprised but totally happy with the outcome.

Really I can’t say we did all that much outside of the house that’s really interesting besides one last trip to a local outdoor shopping centre called Crocker Park. We love this shopping area, this time I surprised my husband with a trip there for our anniversary. Actually it was the day before our anniversary, so it was a total surprise. It was early in the morning so we went to the C.P. farmer’s market and also we brought along some work to do outside the shops as we sipped on coffee from a local Starbucks. (Note: Even though the Barnes and Nobles bookstore does have a sign for Starbucks, they are not Starbucks. In fact, they have multiple signs but only sell one type of coffee and it’s the Blond Roast. They sell no other Starbucks items. Lesson learned…) Then, after we sat around for a bit working, I drug my husband to a few different clothing and shoe stores. (Aka my decoy) Then I took him into the “over the top” Apple Store to purchase him an iPad of his choice. We had talked about getting him one before so it wasn’t a total surprise and he knew exactly what he wanted. Have you ever been in one of these stores though? I’m quite tech-savvy but this type of store that tries to look more technologically advanced just annoys me. Sorry Apple but when I want to purchase something I’d rather just walk in and not wait around for 20 minutes for a staff member to come through a curtain to assist. Then wait another 10 minutes for the ear-bud talking staff member to try to sell us everything in the store (or who knows what else). Then another 5-10 minutes for the item to be carried out by another staff member. Seriously we went through four different people and it took about an hour. We knew exactly what we wanted. Sometimes when you are making a large purchase you just want to run into the store, pick something off the shelf or ask the counter staff for the item and then run out before you change your mind. But, in the end the hubby was so surprised and flipping out with excitement so the wasted time was worth it.

Other than that, we had a calm weekend of grilling out and eating healthy farm fresh foods.  To end the long weekend we celebrated with pink lemonade from France and some wild flowers my hubby picked for me.  (notice the beans!!!)

How was your weekend? Message me in the comment section, I’d love to know.