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I’ve expressed this many times that I love, absolutely adore grocery shopping days. It’s a weird obsession of mine that I’m sure all you foodies love too. Not only does it get me out of the house from where I live and work day after day but it also is exciting to find new foods. A new food to me is like a cheap ticket to anywhere in the world, for me normally my destination is Asia or Eastern Europe. I love new foods from around the world. I have tried many strange things from my carnivorous to my vegan days of eating around the world. My strangest foods eaten would have to be while living in Japan but there were weird opportunities in the Caribbean too. (Speaking of weird things to try, why is my furry feline baby licking my toe? Gasp!*)

Most of my favorite finds while living in America would have to be from our Asian supermarket. From time to time the market will carry different products on the market that can not be purchased elsewhere. The nice thing about Asian food is that most of it is actually accidentally vegan- shoppers be cautious though of MSG laden foods. MSG was created in Japan and is very popular there still today – it is also popular in China and especially Thailand. Other than hidden ingredients, there is nothing really to worry about when testing new Asian foods. Many people fear contamination or ill made products but what I tell my husband all the time is that Asian manufacturers are very careful of their products. The stuff we hear about in America most of the time deals with American companies over in China trying to save money and cutting proper procedures for producing food products. Just use common sense and if you have doubts the product is not fresh or good, move on to something different. This is how I find many products such as Greenmax Cereal which I love!

His lordship and I found this amazing paper/plastic wrapped product called Vegetarian Mushroom Strips and come all the way from Taiwan. Basically these are mushrooms produced into a mock beef jerky. We got the slightly sweet and spicy kind, since that’s how I like it. At first I was not that interested in the flavor but following my Japanese host mom’s rules of trying everything at least three times, I grew to love it! I think I ate most of the bag myself. Oops, sorry honey…

The ingredients are very common and can be easily found in most of the products. These are mushrooms, glycerine (which is questionable if it’s animal, plant or chemical derived), soy sauce, soy bean oil, five spice powder and potassium sorbate. Simple, right? There is always a question about glycerine but for me, I can’t speak or write Chinese to ask the company what it is derived from so I’ll have to assume they follow most other Chinese companies and use the non-animal derived kind. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Mock jerky from other companies can be tasty but usually price for at least $2-3USD for one piece. None are super healthy for you either, but then again neither is the original so you know what you are getting into when you mock something that isn’t in the first place. For my husband and me, these little strips were amazing! Mai Jiun Food Corp really has the texture of jerky right on mark and the flavor is also amazing! It’s just like eating the real deal. I would definitely suggest this product to anyone that used to love jerky but has steered clear from it after going vegan. Or, if you are like me, whom never liked jerky in the first place you might be surprised that you love this kind. Yum! I might just fill my cart next time with the stuff. Nom nom nom

**Update on the feline furry baby: So apparently her idea of getting me to move my foot off a chair she wanted was to lick it. Where do they come up with these things?