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This would totally be me if my husband could stomach it… haha But at last, it’s not my tent.

It’s Tuesday again which means free workout Tuesday again.  Everyone loves free workouts right?  The husband and I are planning a camping trip soon so I’m prepping myself for a few good workouts while sitting out at the campsite.  Sure it’s a camping/hiking trip but it’s always nice to have a few more options when sitting around eating carbohydrates right?

Thankfully I found a lot of exercise plans out there on the internet (seriously life without internet, gasp?!?!).  There will be plenty of lifting food, camping and general miscellaneous supplies for a happy weekend away.  For me, my workout will include lugging around our furry baby in her canine backpack (see note) (See here)  Additionally we will be hiking around the mountain tops, I just can’t wait!

I just love this setup given on Girl Heros website – which, by the way, I love the site name!  The website suggests this workout: Full Body Picnic Table Workout

“*5 minute jog to warm-up

*Burpees – 10 (I have a love/hate relationship with burpees.)

*Step Ups – 30 each leg

*Push Ups (feet on bench) – 15

*Bulgarian Split Squats – 15 each leg

*Tricep Dips (hands on bench) – 25

*Explode Lunges – 20 each leg (Lower yourself into a lunge position but instead of coming back to the stating position slowly, spring off of your front leg.)

*Pike Push Up – 10 (Feet are on the bench like the first push up but walk your hands closer to the bench forming a v with your body.)

*Repeat 2-3 times.  If you don’t yet have the upper body strength for all the push up substitute with traditional or even girl style push ups.  And of course adjust reps to your fitness level.


And Some Videos:

Very Simple But Effective One:

Outdoor Circuit Training:

Then There is Always Yoga:

Finally Yoga Meditation:

All workouts can be downloaded from YouTube youtube.com and placed on a electronic device such as an iphone, ipod, ipad or so on.  I have some on my ipod and plan on doing them during our stay away in the wilderness.

What is your favorite workout when you are camping? Also, what is your favorite vegan meal while out in the wild? Let me know below in the comment section.