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Hello dear blog friends, thanks for coming back again today and reading my “Weekend Recap Monday” again (#2).  Unlike last weekend, we were less active than normal.  We have a lot of things on our plate right now, so it’s only understandable we wanted to just veg at home.  True to us, during the week we agree to no trips.  Then on Saturday we decided it was a gorgeous day and the Flea Market and National park were calling our names.

Hence, we found ourselves on Saturday morning making a fast malt-o-meal breakfast before making a small bento to-go.  Thankfully we had some leftover baked tofu from Trader Joe’s and I put together baked tofu sandwiches, (2) whole apples, baby organic carrots, (2) small cucumbers and (2) bottles of water.  It was the perfect last minute bento for a day of flea market/farmer’s market shopping.


We managed to drive the 1 hour 10 minute route in, oh say, 2 hours and enjoy the warm pre-summer sunshine streaming through the car windows.  Who ever thought of UVA/UVB protected film windows is a God Send, thank you Mr./Ms. inventor!  It had already reached around 81F/27.2C and full sunshine.  The Flea Market/Farmers’ Market of our choice is a large indoor and outdoor market called Hartville Marketplace in Hartville, Ohio.  It’s a traditional marketplace that began much before I was even born in 1939.  The marketplace has grown over the years from a small operation to over 100 indoor shops and 1,000 stalls located on 2 acres of paved land.  This was our second trip and although there weren’t as many stalls available as the main website suggests, it is a good ½ of shopping fun.  Strangely enough we didn’t purchase any material items besides four bags of fresh produce from local farmers.  Okay, so maybe the watermelon, strawberries and blueberries weren’t from local suppliers but they were America so that’s a plus.  We also tried some amazing Sweet & Salty Popcorn that accidentally was vegan- hooray to the shop keeper that sold it to us for assuring us it was vegan!  It was so delicious we ate a medium container in about 5 minutes or less.  It is popcorn of my dreams – so if you see this type of popcorn, you must try it!

Lesson learned:  If you have a cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and carry it in a cute backpack made for canine’s your trip is going to be much longer.  Much, much longer!!  6 months ago we went all over the internet and city looking for a canine backpack for hiking after a mis-trial run in the Allegheny Mountains last year.  What seems like hundreds of people came up to ask us where we purchased the backpack… and of course they wanted to greet our furry baby.  Unfortunately we found our backpack in a small canine boutique in a nearby city but thankfully they can be purchased online.  Our canine backpack (for those of you interested) is produced by Global Pet Products but after we purchased ours, we found there were many other companies producing the same product.  Ours looks like this only red:

It has two zippers, one on top and another on the bottom of the front panel that allows air to pour through and cool off our furry baby on warm days.  We found when the bottom panel was closed, our furry baby was cool to the touch even in the hot temperatures.  The furry babies’ favorite part of the bag is not only can she stick her head out but there is a pocket on the each side.  This is a favorite since we carry puppy cookies, a canine Gulpy Jr. water bottle and also the walking leash.  On numerous occasions we have used this canine backpack and just absolutely love it.  It’s worth the price. Ours looks like this one only baby blue:

After a few hours of shopping and chatting, we headed to a local National Park called Quail Hollow State Park.  We tore off some lettuce from the farmer’s market, rinsed it with water, placed it on our sandwiches and enjoyed our bento under the shaded trees.  It was a perfect ending to our long morning in the sunshine.  By the time we got home, we managed to take a much needed nap (when did we get so old?) and then make a leftover dinner and crack open our fresh watermelon.  Nom nom nom

Sunday we woke up early thanks to our rambunctious neighbors.  Those few extra hours did not go to waste, we managed to make it downstairs and make Chocolate Covered Katie’s Big Fat Coconut Breakfast Cake.  We didn’t put any coconut in it but did manage to add just about everything else.  It was delicious and highly recommended.  It does have a lot of sugar content though, unless you use those fake sweeteners which I’m not a fan of right now because of the taste.

The rest of the day we managed to get some work done around the house (including airing out the tent for camping in the next few weeks).  My husband’s best moment was grilling our vegetables during the cool morning hours as I made the bread for breakfast.  He grilled all the veggies for Oh She Glows Long Weekend Grilled Salad for our lunch time special.  The weather was predicting a hot, steamy day so we wanted to make sure we had a prepared cold salad waiting for us when we got hungry later.  It was so hot, we actually ended up eating this salad for lunch and dinner since it was so delicious and already prepared.  The trick to eating healthy is to have things prepared ahead of time – otherwise you might be tempted to eat unhealthy or order take-out, gasp!  For about two hours, it rained really hard and the temperatures went down so we went to the kitchen in the evening to make a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie which was so amazing!  (recipe is located here)

Our weekend was filled with motion, maybe not gym exercises but we were burning off the calories in fun activities such as walking, sweating, washing the car, cleaning the house and so on.  How was your weekend?