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A few months ago I read about canned Jackfruit in Vegetarian Times. It was the first time I had heard or seen Jackfruit but since then I have served it on a few different occasions. It’s a very bland type of fruit that many people suggest has the texture that of chicken. Yep, everything really does taste like chicken… haha

Tonight I found a website that suggest making Jackfruit into BBQ pulled “pork” and it looked so tempting. The original recipe was from Feast your Eyes on My Veg Website. Darling man purchased an all natural “accidentally vegan” BBQ sauce from the store the other day to place on top of BBQ tofu steaks. We had a ton left over so I decided to go ahead and use it up tonight for dinner. Hubby loves BBQ so I’m sure he won’t mind another BBQ sauced dish tomorrow for lunch. A BBQ flavored lunch and homemade cupcakes, he is going to be over-the-moon with excitement. He works hard though so he deserves it.

On the Mock pulled pork recipe:
(1) 20oz can Jackfruit, green in brine (not syrup!!)
9oz BBQ sauce of your choice

1. Chop the cores off the jackfruit, so that the fruit will separate easily to resemble pulled pork. Thinly slice the cores since they will not separate while cooking.
2. Generously spray a frying pan with oil, the more you use the more you get a crispy texture. I used only a little though since reduce the fat content. Sauté until lightly browned.
3. Add the BBQ sauce to the pan, stir well. The jackfruit should pull apart in the pan but you may have to use the side of a spoon for the stubborn pieces.
4. Once the BBQ sauce is reduced, go ahead and turn off the heat.
5. Place the “pulled Jackfruit” on a sheet of oil sprayed aluminum foiled pan.
6. Put the prepared jackfruit in a preheated oven at 350F for about 15 minutes. Continue to hear the “pulled jackfruit” until it is crispy in appearance. You will be amazed at how much it looks like pulled pork. Yum!

Note: You can put this on a homemade hamburger bun or on top of freshly steamed rice. If you want it to go without the mess, try making it into a sushi wrap and take on the road. It’s delicious! Nom nom nom