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Denish Richards Workout Plan

Celebrity personal lives aren’t really my go-to entertainment as much but I do have to admit I love finding out personal weight-lose/maintenance secrets of them.  Not that I want to stalk any one of these “high profile” individuals however I do like finding out the latest workout plans that each one is doing.  Since most of these celebrities have the resources to new technology and live in a more “exercise influenced” society in California (sorry you don’t cut it Cleveland, Ohio), they can introduce us non-celebrities to something fun and exciting.


As I was running on the treadmill in the gym this morning (I know, I know, I’m boring…), I thought to myself that I need to find something else besides just running.  I love running and I won’t stop but there are times I love to mix things up and add little bits of something here and there.  In fact, my husband is always asking me to just sit down and stop moving at times.  Seriously I just can’t stand sitting on the sofa for hours watching television.  If I’m watching something, most of the time I have to be doing sit-ups on my exercise ball (thanks hubby), yoga poses or something – anything!  So, yeah, back to what I was saying… I was running and thought I need something new to do and here pops up Denise Richards on one of the three screens I was hoarding for myself.  No one else was in there so I popped on three different shows on three different televisions – see I get bored easily.


When I got home, I researched a little about Ms. Richards to see exactly what she was all about.  I have only seen her on one British movie called Love Actually.  Apparently she was married to Charlie Sheen but I never grew interest in him or his personal life so I wasn’t aware of this before checking her Wikipedia.org page out today.  She seems like a decent, nice individual that really cares about her children and health.  Her workout, according to a few sites, state she eats around 1500 calories per day (which is supposed to be appropriate for her body type) and works out everyday.


Her favorite workout right now is The Physique 57 Solution, according to a few different resources online.  I found a great interview of her on the ET website where she talks about this workout and shows a few of the moves. Video Above…


If you live in New York City, Beverly Hills or the Bahamas you can probably take a class through their program.  They do have some DVD’s on the market for us outside those few areas.  Their site states they have a two-week program which helps lose up to 10 inches and some pounds fast.  Additionally there is a book called The Physique 57 Solution which helps those looking for something new and exciting in working out.  The DVD’s come in sets and look like they are around $24.95- over $100 each.  I do not have the workout DVD’s but it does appear in the promos for them that the workout is a nice combination of yoga, ballet and the exercise ball.  It looks like a great workout and fun all at the same time.  Unfortunately the DVD set is not within my budget but if you can, I highly suggest trying it out.  Let me know how you like it!


 I found some free videos on Youtube.com for you to see and try out for fun today.

What’s your current favorite workout?