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Sorry for the delay today with this post, things have been a bit off the wall crazy today and I’m just getting to my laptop now. Nevertheless, I’m here and have lots to recap you all on from this weekend. If you live in the northern states of America, you probably had the same type of weather – hot and steamy. This weather for me is perfect; strangely I was born in the northern states of America but have always had a Southern dialect and loved hot temperatures. It’s very strange but as many people tell me (not that I mind), “there’s nothing normal” about me. The hubby on the other hand loves warm weather but when it reaches above boiling point, he’s not such a happy camper. So we retreated to cooler weather activities and worked around the summer weather.

Saturday we packed up some water and the furry baby in her “to-go” backpack and we were off on our bikes. For 2.5 hours we biked around our local area shopping at garage sales. I prefer the “hippie chic” type of lifestyle so normally I can scope out a garage sale a mile down the road. I guess this could be a reason why my in-laws don’t necessarily like to travel with me in the car for long distances in the summer months. (…aka, since I announce every one with extreme excitement and loudly. There have even been moments of jumping and dancing for large sales.) So, this type of workout was the perfect way to get exercise and hide underneath the morning sunshine by the shade of trees. At the end of the garage sale tour, we stopped in at Einstein Bros Bagels for some iced coffee and a iced green tea (which was sweetened, gasp, even though they said it wasn’t). Just a FYI, they do not have any vegan options and do not have any non-dairy options on the premises. Boo…

In the afternoon we went ahead and stayed inside, hiding from the heat. Our townhouse naturally keeps cool up until around 4P.M. so we were able to stay inside without any AC usage. AC makes me feel like I’m in lock-down as a criminal or something, not that I have had that experience but still… During this special time with my husband, we made a salad for lunch and then decided that since we had already completely messed up the kitchen that we would go ahead and make the salad that was planned for dinner at the same time. My motto is a good cook is a messy cook – never trust a clean cook!

We made Oh She Glows Weekend Glow Kale Salad and Lightened Up Protein Power Goddess Salad. So along with Friday night’s salad of G-Living’s Raw Macro Salad with Mock Dragon Sauce Three salads can really fill the fridge but oh boy does it look gorgeous to see green options right smack in front of your face when you open the door. It’s like an instant happy feeling when you get something out of there. Not to mention the fact that if you want something to eat, you know it has to be a salad since there is no more room in there for anything else. (But then again who would want anything else?) All three salads were amazing and we will definitely be having them all again soon.

Raw Macro Salad with Mock Dragon Sauce

Weekend Glow Kale Salad

After making a whole wheat blueberry, lemon bread for breakfast, we managed to drag out the furry baby’s favorite red backpack and head for a nearby park called Hinckley Reservation in Ohio. We took along an Indian style bento full of salads, tomatoes, cucumbers and some raw mixed nuts for a picnic. Then we went for a hidden tour of some sandstone carvings from around the 1850’s. There isn’t too much information of the artists but their work is proudly showcased with a mossy green frame by Mother Nature. We weren’t sure where the carvings were exactly but we took off to the unknown path and finally found the Egyptian Sphinx with Mr. Worden’s self portrait proudly guarding the other 16 carvings. Although some of the faces were a bit scary, it was amazing to see the artwork and it was hard to tear ourselves from the area. It’s only about a 1 mile hike into the forest to find these carvings but so worth it.

Vegan Blueberry Lemon Bread

After the hiking/picnic trip, we went to one of our favorite small farmer’s markets to get some fresh produce. This was our first trip this year and weren’t really sure what to expect. Although a little early in the harvest season, we did purchase a bunch of rhubarb (expect to see them shortly in a recipe) and two jars of accidentally vegan jam. We purchased a jar of rhubarb-strawberry jam for ourselves and a traditional American Apple Butter for my good mate in Australia. Oops, guess I just ruined the surprise…

The rest of the night we sat and enjoyed the sunset and warm temperatures. It was a great weekend and we can’t believe we are so lucky to be blessed to experience it all.