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Presumably many of you have noticed my week of absence, to which I profusely apologize.  It has been a hectic month of May and the charmer decided it was high time to get out of the house and go on a short trip.  A trip to de-stress that is… something that was greatly necessary for the sanity of us both.  I won’t slather you with details but our neighborhood has been stocked full of “the crazies” lately.  Honestly we do live in a safe place, maybe it was the eclipse that brought out an imbalance in everyone. Thankfully I’m insane all the time so no change here – as far as anyone can tell.

Once back home, I then caught some sort of virus (or something) that rose my body temperature enough to get me out of bed at 2A.M. and take a cold shower/bath.  I’ve been struggling with getting back into the “food/eating” way of life so it’s been hard to concentrate on writing here.  I do apologize but my stomach really has been off the charts and a blog of “sips of water and a few bites of rice” really wasn’t going to be high on your list anyways I’m sure.  Now that I’m getting a few things to stay down, I can stand the sight of food once again.  Hooray!

But without further ado, I’m back here writing and smiling with all of you.  A little less stressed, more sun-kissed, a few added pounds but most importantly a full smile back on my face.  So to kick off my return I’m sharing with you a few photos that not only encouraging but also cute.  Enjoy!

Thanks everyone for sticking around through a week of absence!