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When growing up if someone told me there were more than a few different kinds of flours, I would have laughed at the joke. In my some hometown in Michigan, it was nothing to see just one type of flour, white. It wasn’t even the healthy white that we can purchase today that has not been process, bleached or enriched. No far from it I’m afraid. It’s amazing my grandparents whom also live in the same city are all but one alive and completely healthy. In fact, one of my grandmothers’ medicine cabinet still just contains toothpaste and a toothbrush. She takes no medicine. Unfortunately my one grandfather return to Home a few years ago but he was working all day, every day until the day he left us.

My parents and in-laws (all from the same city) do have major health concerns, my in-laws more so than my parents. It worries me greatly to see them eat traditional 1950’s style food where the revolution of the “frozen TV dinner” came about in America. (No my parents weren’t brought up in the 1950’s but were from a small town where it seems the bandwagon takes a slower route than the larger cities.) It brings forth the idea that maybe the white flour my grandparents used to bake with was different than the highly processed type available in stores today. I read on Wikipedia.org the fact that in the 1940’s, the British and United States were bringing in the idea to add nutrients into flour to increase health measures through the ground grain. Of course Wikipedia can’t be used solely as a source of definite fact but it does make sense.

So in my mind, changing from highly processed white flour to whole grains again is a complete rotation from the times my parents were brought up. Funny how that happens to not only clothes but also with food. In our case we are trying to find new recipes without as much gluten and contain more nutrients than traditional white flour. Plus, who doesn’t want to try out all those protein-rich grains that pharaohs, Inca Indians and so on ate for thousands of years before us.

The photo above is my current stash but hopefully we will be adding more ground grains soon to be used instead of flour. If you have used other “non-traditional” flours, what is your favorite? What about recipes or ideas? I’m just learning and would love to know more.