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Welcome back everyone to another week here at Genki Kitty. Hopefully everyone had a little time to spend with their loving mothers – or at least a small telephone call like I managed to do for my mother that lives a distance away. Admittedly, my weekend was filled with some good old fashioned veg’ing around the house. Our neighbors, whom we adore, just came back from two months away in Jordan visiting family and friends. We spend many hours just sitting outside together in the warm spring sunshine talking, drinking tea and hearing about their adventures. Some day I hope to get there, maybe once Syria and the surrounding countries have quieted down for a bit. For now we will listen to their stories, gawk at the photos and sit around letting real hand dug Dead Sea mud dry on our faces. (Thank you Nida and Yazan, I’m not sure how many other people would bring Dead Sea mud in their carry-on just because you knew I would love the natural healing powers that lurk within it. Love you guys!)

So now on to a recipe review that I have been meaning to write about and just keep forgetting to do. How does that always happen? I have a ton of recipes to share with you all which are perfect for the summer, so keep coming back and I’m sure I will be posting them this week for everyone to enjoy too. Hopefully by posting summer recipes, the warm weather will stick and stay. (…hopefully not the opposite will happen.) The first perfect warm weather recipe is called Cumin Chickpea Scramble, a recipe that comes from one of my favorite websites’ One Arab Vegan. If you like Middle Eastern food, I highly suggest this site, it is incredibly informative and the recipes turn out just about every time.

When I first came across this recipe, I thought to myself, this would be the perfect summer breakfast food item. I’m not much for a hot meal in the summer time so I’m always looking for new ideas. The other day, though, when his lordship made baked falafels (yum!) there were leftover chickpeas sitting in the fridge. As I sat starring at them in the fridge on a warm Saturday afternoon, I thought to myself “what better time than now to make that scramble”. That’s what I did, I’m glad I did. Nom nom nom… The scramble took at most 5 minutes to put together and made a great spread on top of crackers and bread. We were surprised that the scramble tasted nothing like scrambled eggs but did resemble them. I personally have a one-track mind so I probably wouldn’t call it a scramble but more a cold spread. (Seriously all I can think about is scramble mock eggs- one-track, I know.) It was slightly salty but an all around nice Mediterranean flavor for a warm afternoon. I think you could make this as a full lunch or as a type of cold appetizer alongside bruschetta and it would be greatly received by even non-vegans.

I actually didn’t change the recipe at all so I am going to place a link here for you to find the recipe. Enjoy!