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Get ready for a cuteness overload! It’s finally the long awaited for season of fresh strawberries. Thanks to modern technology we can purchase strawberries all year long but spring is the time for fresh strawberries grown naturally in the ground. It reminds me of my childhood walking next door (which meant walking through a field) to my grandmother’s house. She had a small patch of fresh strawberries that would pop up around this time every year and the sweet nectar that came from those red berries will never be compared to anything from a gardening center. We would beg and plead with my grandmother (personally I know she enjoyed our coaxing each year) to go to the strawberry patch with us so we could “help her” pick the years crop. She is the person that taught me to eat from the garden, after all a little dirt isn’t going to hurt anything since it’s from God. Oh we would be so dirty by the time we finished, dirt on our shoes and red juice all over every other body part.

Last year I posted my personal recipe for Strawberry shortcake and I just wanted to re-post the recipe so you all can enjoy it this year again. Strawberries naturally only come once or twice a year so everyone should take advantage of it while its here. I made these little tasty treats with one change – I admitted the sugar all together. It was a personal choice to reduce the amount of sugar in our daily intake so we tried it without. Thankfully we found out that it was really perfect without the sugar. The shortcake was moist and fluffy but wasn’t sweet. When you put vegan whipped cream on top and fresh strawberries (or other fruit), the sugar level goes up naturally and you don’t really miss the subtraction. So, you can make it with or without sugar in the shortcake and have a wonderful dessert (or snack). Nom nom nom

For the extra cute factor, I highly suggest rolling out your dough and cutting it with a cute Hello Kitty cookie cutter. If you don’t have one, why not? No kidding, you should get one but in the meantime you can use any shape of one you have on hand. It’s that little extra that puts a smile on someone’s face. I think next time I’ll try making HK bow out of strawberries so you can notice her even more, she doesn’t like to blend in to the crowd.

What’s your favorite method of eating strawberry?