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Previously I shared old beloved Saucony running shoes bit the dust.  Here’s my relatively new pair – just getting to post photo.

It’s been three days since I made it to the gym, I’ve had to stay at home due to our townhouse staff needing to come “sometime in a three day duration”. Apparently they had to have an evaluation done on all townhouse rentals- or say they wrote on a piece of paper left on our door. Three days of house sitting and they didn’t even show up, grrr.. So my workout in the gym this morning was greatly necessary for my physical and more importantly emotional health. Exercising helps overflow my energy and releases so much stress it is necessary for everyone around me. Haha… If you are a stressed out person, I highly recommend sweating it out at the gym – it really makes you feel better.

So this morning I was determined to really get into a physically challenge but long workout. Something that would add up to the days that I had missed… Enter my irrational state of mind in a race to beat everyone at the tiny gym. Yes, it’s irrational but it’s just the place that I took up citizenship today. (Okay, so maybe more often than not…) Basically my insanity started when I started to get bored with running on the treadmill as I watch the Food Network on three different televisions. A tall, athletic looking girl my age came in and I suddenly got determined to workout longer than her in the gym. Yea, I never said it was rational and would definitely never suggest it to anyone else. Haha Maybe it’s my competitive side or something? This tall, pretty blond girl was on the elliptical and had it set for 1 hour – this surprised me since her usual workout only 30 minutes in total. Who knows, maybe she was making an irrational, unknown competition with me…

In the end I ran 3 miles at a 9:50 pace, weight lifted for about 20-30 minutes, 100 sit-ups, 10 miles on the stationary bicycle and then another 1 mile on the treadmill as a cool down at a jogging pace of 10:50. Since I had already ran three miles before this lady came in, that meant I got to do the rest of the workout pretty much with competition on my mind. Thanks to this unknowing lady, she propelled me to work harder, faster, and longer than I have in over a month. I felt so good when I got home for being the winner of my own personal competition that only I knew about – until you all read this and further your preconceived notion that I’m crazy.

Note: During my workout I did take in an entire bottle of Jamba Tropical Mango Coconut Water. Normally I take plain water but today I had this and couldn’t have been happier with the results. Not only did it have the electrolytes that my body needed but it really quenched my thirst through the whole 2 hour + workout. Three hours afterward, I’m still going strong and really not that tired. Try Jamba, its amazing!

Does anyone else out there have competitions with other unknowing gym goers? Or am I the only one…