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Holy Week has finally reached Good Friday- the day that Jesus died on the cross and God accepts His sacrifice.  Historically speaking in England, it is common to eat Hot Cross Buns. It’s funny though because I always have the best intentions to eat them this time of year and test recipes before the actual date but always seem to miss baking them on the actual date.  Strange, I know!


This last week you may have noticed I was out and about without any posts again.  There is a good reason though, my family was visiting.  It was the first time in about 7 years, so it was something of a “one-off” kind of situation.  This visit was bringing along two exchange students from South Korea and one from Columbia.  I’ve lived in Japan and vacationed in South Korea, so I could totally fit right along in with the two girls from Asia.  Columbia I know very little about so it was a new experience but now I want to travel to Columbia to see all the historical sights, experience everyday life, and dig right in to the authentic foods there.  My dream job would probably be travel photographer/journalist; in fact, I’m the type of person that would love to be a world citizen living a few years in every country of the world.  (But that will have to wait until my husband retires since his job requires him to stay in one spot…)  Wouldn’t that be amazing though?

Per the girls’ request, we went shopping, shopping and some more shopping.  We hit up a lot of the shops and then some.  I’m not a born shopper so it was seriously a tough week for me to stand around shopping for hours at end without anything to do.  Thank goodness for the wonderful people at Apple for their creation of the iPhone.  It’s a non-shoppers dream come true!  I got a lot of work done just working from my iPhone and even kept my sanity.  Thanks guys.  It wasn’t all that bad though, we went shopping at an outdoor mall and the sky was filled with sunshine with a nice light breeze – a time to walk around to different shops.  The three girls and my parents had a great time, so that’s really what was important.

Additionally we had the chance to go to some restaurants that we generally do not even think about when it’s just the two of us.  For instance, we found that the Cheesecake Factory had a few different options such as green salad (yeah, just lettuce and a tomato), French fries, a few vegetable entrees (minus the cheese) and so on.  Now I wouldn’t really go to this restaurant when it’s just the two of us but it wasn’t bad for guests that want to overindulge in sugary cheesecake.  The Fresh Healthy Café with their healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies (which I was told will no longer serve).  Then there was a dinner of homemade vegan South Korean duk bokki (thanks to the hubby) and some pizza (vegan for us).

It was a very long week of very little to no sleep, lots of walking around and eating a lot of vegan approved Easter candy.  Thanks to our handy gym though, I was able to sneak away each morning for about an hour to run/lift weights and work off some of my stress and anxiety that comes with hosting guests.  Tip: If you ever have guests or stress, go and sweat it out with a good workout – it relieves it all faster than a martini.

So now that everyone is gone, the hubby and I are going to get back into the swing of things and start normal life again.  We plan on celebrating Resurrection Sunday while engaging ourselves in the great outdoors and a lovely vegan feast.  We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Try not to eat too much candy.