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Yes, I know… I am so late with this posting it’s not even funny. I even thought about not posting this review of online recipes but then I figured there might be more pancake-lovers just like my husband out there. Just as I couldn’t miss this holiday because my husband might riot, I couldn’t hold these recipes from pancake lovers out there. My husband just loves pancakes so I managed to find two really easy recipes this year from the amazing Chocolate Covered Katie Website without too much effort.

The first recipe was a simple variation to the popular 1970’s Red Velvet Cake but in pancake form without the frosting, called Red Velvet Pancakes.  Traditionally Red Velvet Cake is created by a chemical reaction from Dutch processed cocoa and buttermilk. Then in WWII it’s said this cake was made by using available red beets to create the red color that gives it its namesake. (See Epicurious for a delicious recipe using red beets.  Most likely now chemistry is taken out of the kitchen and red food coloring is used. For this recipe, you can use red berries, red beets or food coloring, it doesn’t really matter. I used red berries to make the color but unfortunately it looked very dark brown instead of red.

Thankfully the color didn’t harm the taste at all. My husband have it two thumbs up, if he had more he would have given those too. But then again, he would have had to stop eating the pancakes and that wouldn’t have been possible. He seriously loved them and was hoping there were leftovers so he could have them again for breakfast the next day. For me, I loved making them for him because not only was the recipe simple to put together but I managed to make it without any oil and chocolate. So, it was rather healthy compared to other pancake recipes. The pancakes were light, fluffy and so moist it was hard to believe that they were vegan. They melt in your mouth and just really give off a wonderful aroma and homey feeling when you cook them.

Second on the menu plate was Chocolate Covered Katie’s Double Chocolate Brownie Pancakes.  This one was extremely exciting to my husband because once you say Double Chocolate and Brownie together he just about falls over with excitement. It’s impossible not to love him! But sorry gals, he’s taken. ^_^ The recipe itself was fantastic! He gobbled both recipes up without any hesitation. Katie never disappoints. The pancakes were a chocolate lovers dream come true and provided enough chocolate to serve the cravings of chocolate but without the chocolate. The cocoa powder is a trick to the senses and taste buds. I used applesauce instead of oil to reduce the fat content. The hubby couldn’t tell the difference so don’t worry about the missing fat. These pancakes were again the same light, fluffy texture and so chocolaty it was hard to resist them. Thanks to the oil free recipe, one doesn’t have to resist or miss out. Yum!

If you are a pancake lover, I urge you to go to the Chocolate Covered Katie website. Not only will you fall in love with the recipes but you will absolutely love Katie, she gives off a heart of gold and a kitchen of goodies. Nom Nom Nom