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I’ve been promising this recipe for a bit of time, I’m quite slow and sorry for this lack of posting. Please forgive me everyone; I know you all have been waiting for it to come. So without further ado I am posting it here – oil-free baked falafels! Nom Nom Nom… In our household, we are falling in love with all things Arabic – that includes hummus, pitas and even homemade falafels. As part of a healthier diet, we try to reduce the amount of oil (a fat) in our diet. Our fat content usually comes in the form of chiaseeds, flaxseeds, avocados and other natural ingredients. When we first started to make these stunningly tasty falafels by frying them in oil, some people even deep-fry them. We’d rather the blood in our bodies to freely continue to flow, so we have chosen to subtract all the oil and bake these crispy critters. It was a fear that the taste, texture would be unsettling, but boy were we surprised with the end product. Really the only difference was the missing greasy feeling.

1 whole bulb of garlic
4 ¼ c dry chickpeas (soaked in water overnight)
1 cup chopped parsley
2 small-medium onions
1 tbsp cumin
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp coriander
2 ½ tsp baking powder
¼-1/2 c piece of bread

1. Chop onions into small pieces but don’t bother making it too small because you are just going to blend later anyways.
2. Rinse the chickpeas before using – removes the gas properties that makes your falafel party not so much fun.
3. food process chickpeas, in small batches, into a crumble mixture. Add herbs and bread at some point with a few chickpeas.
4. do same to onions and garlic
5. add to chickpeas
6. Add spices, baking powder to mixture
7. Mix well
8. Add 1 c water to mixture – stir
9. place mixture back in food processor for only a few seconds to make the mixture into a type of thick crumble mixture – it should stick together when pressed down. If it is too moist and sticky, add a little flour.
10. If you have a falafel hand machine, go ahead and make the balls to place on baking sheet. Or you can do this just like you make cookie balls with spoons or ice cream scoop. (they all taste the same.)
11. Bake in 350 oven for about 7 minutes.
12. Flip the falafels and then place under broiler for about 5 minutes.

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