Finally my predictions are correct and spring has sprung! It’s gorgeous outside our house and we couldn’t be happier with the change. Last week we had (hopefully) our last winter snow and now there are talks of getting out the summer clothes. Yes, it’s just that nice outside. As you know, I tend to not write on the weekends because I’m too lazy and also too busy spending every second I can with the husband. So here’s the low-down on everything that happened…

Friday we spent recuperating from the long week back to work. We ended up making a vegan pizza at home and watching “River Cottage Veg” from England. Nothing exciting, I know.

Saturday was a bit cold but rather sunny so we decided that it was high and time we got out and looked for a few antiques. My intention was to find the perfect antique bedroom set but unfortunately we only found two and each one was not worth a second glance. So, we went on our way with nothing in hand – hard to believe, I know. As a treat though, we did purchase a new type of coconut water Coco Aloe (I’m addicted to anything coconut now) from a grocery store near the antique mall. It was real aloe and coconut water mixed together in a lovely glass container. We’ve had both types of drinks but never a concoction of both together but were happily surprised. Neither of the two flavors won over the other and it was incredibly refreshing. For $1.79 and only 70 calories, it was worth the purchase on a special occasion. Once home, we found our bodies were still recovering from the stressful week and so we were lazy once again. The husband did manage to make the mouth-watering River Cottage Veg recipe of Chickpea and Ketchup Curry and brown rice. Sounds gross but it dances in your mouth. Yum!

Sunday was our planned adventure day. Weather pattern predictions were calling for the perfect day of spring weather – nearly 60F and clear skies. First we went to Sam’s Club for some much needed fruit and veggies to refill the kitchen. Next, we packed up the furry baby, a lovely vegan lunch and were off to go hiking. If you’ve never been hiking in the Cleveland Metro parks, I highly suggest getting a free print map to take along with you for the journey. The paths are marked but thanks to some adventurous people, you can get lost on non-marked trails. We have a collection of these maps so we were able to plan our hiking trip ahead. Our intentions were to go about 4 miles up to the mountain overlook and then through the plateau/valley for some quiet trekking. Once we got to the mountain top (rather more like a large hill) the view was just okay but not really anything to see. We had our planned picnic lunch and dog biscuit (for the pooch) and then off to the next section of our trip. Unfortunately we forgot about one important thing about the weather; make sure it hasn’t rained hard before you go hiking. Oops! Sadly this isn’t our first time getting our feet/ankles deep in mud after not paying attention to the weather reports. It was a muddy mess and our poor old tennis shoes were no match to the depths of the mud. We ended up going just under 2 miles in an hour and a half. Our shoes were caked with mud and the husband’s toe hurt (don’t ask… ha-ha) so we turned around and went back to the car. It was too nice of weather to waste on muddy shoes and leaping frogs.

The rest of our relaxing Sunday included washing and drying our muddy shoes outside. Then a pleasant surprise visit from our neighbor and her daughter – which isn’t a surprise since the cutie toddler has a magnetic attraction to me. We played in the sunshine for a while and then the hubby got out his kite with streamers. Oh the sun we had! Between chasing kite streamers, making/licking bubbles, running in the grass and etc, we were beat! So, we offered to whip up a vegan grill dinner for everyone. We had grilled tofu, mushrooms, zucchini, celeriac, sweet potatoes and so on with sides of brown rice and blueberry BBQ sauce. It was our neighbor’s first introduction to a simple vegan grill out meal. Everyone seems to enjoy themselves so I guess if there were no complaints, everyone was happy.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!