Last week we were enjoying the warm Tennessee weather but this week Mother Nature has given us the gift of melted snow and warmer temperatures. A few weeks ago you might remember I proclaimed it was pre-spring well now I’m upping my proclamation and changing it to spring.

Darling Hubby and I went out last night and had our first official spring run outside. There have been a few occasions when we went outside to run but with hats/gloves and thermal running clothes. Last night we were skipping with joy over the idea that we could go outside in a few thermal running clothes and that was it. It serious felt like we lost about five pounds; in fact, I occasionally had to remind the hubster to slow down so that he didn’t tire himself out too fast. (Didn’t work…Lol) His foot/leg injury seems to be getting better and the new running shoes seem to be enough of a bribe to get him out the door on the pavement. Hey, if it works why not reduce oneself to bribery… hehe

So we ran 3 miles and then decided to turn around a little earlier than our normal laid out route. My tip is to track a certain route and keep at it for a while. It might get boring at first but after you learn where the mile markers are located along the path, it will keep you inspired. Throughout my runs I’m constantly telling myself, you have one more road and then you are going to come across that cute yappy puppy at the fence. Or, “just a little further and you are at the railroad tracks”… Having something to focus on really helps the running go smooth and the route will soon shorten itself in you mind. It will be as if you can run the route in your sleep.

We love two certain routes and tend to stick to them throughout the entire year. It’s rather fun tracking (or is it stalking?) the houses, animals, flowers and so on all year around. I love this time of year on our route because the flowers are coming out of the ground and the buds are gaining in popularity on the bushes. Additionally, the children are out playing basketball, biking and so forth which makes it more amusing. We may not know anyone that lives on our route but we do know the sights and sounds throughout the year and what to expect.

In total we managed to run 3 miles but walk another 2.5 miles or so in about 1hour 20 minutes. We got a lot of brainstorming done just by this workout. It was a perfect spring day that is what we look forward to each and every year.

Do you all have a specific route that you love to run?