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Greetings from the Southern states of the United States of America! The hubby and I are yet another business trip, just not Virginia this time. We have taken to the road and traveled through Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and finally Tennessee. It sure has been busy and trivial.

Don’t let me get ahead of myself though. Our trip started off with the state of Michigan, our hometown stomping ground. We love Michigan for its beauty and simplicity but I’m afraid it’s more nostalgic for his having grown up in the state. Our troubles with this business trip started out very trivial and just went from there on out. Traveling the roads to our parents’ homes, we brought with us warm 50F weather. You’re welcome Michiganders! The next morning we awoke and the temperature had dipped to 1 degree and 6-8 inches of snow. Seeing that we had packed for the south, we had packed almost all warm weather clothes. Lol

After seeing 1 degree, we packed our bags and left to go down south. The sun was shining and it was a perfect drive down to Bowling Green, Kentucky where we did some hiking and spelunking at Mammoth Cave National Park. Thankfully we had some English Muffins, peanut butter, apples and homemade flour-less chocolate chip cookies to munch on while at the National Park. There was a restaurant but unfortunately there were no vegan options, unless we were just going to drink coffee. But that’s okay because we try to always come prepared.

There are a lot of tour options to take when at Mammoth Cave, it’s more than just a pass through kinda stop. After our first trip, we would really like to take a camping trip here and spend a few days so we can do all the tours and hike a little more. We did manage to take a simple 1 ¼ hour spelunking tour to the big caverns (since we just saw the cave formations at Luray Caverns a few months ago). It was a good starting cave tour but we had wished we had more time to take the Lantern Tour to really get deep into the caverns more than the one we took. It was rather chilly though – always a cool 55F degrees all year around. Not sure why though, but, we were rather chilled the entire time even though it was warmer down below than up above. Maybe it was the lack of sunshine and sheer darkness?

After our cavern tour, which was very enjoyable, our tour guide suggested we “take a hike”. In a nice way though, he was a very nice gentleman and we were glad to have crossed paths in our lifetimes. We took a 2 ½ hour hiking trip (about 2-3 miles in total) up and down the mountain seeing the Green River, cavern openings, sink holes and so on. It was very sunny by this time and seeing that we were climbing up and down the vast elevations, we got rather tired and hot. Throughout the hiking adventure, we took breaks at quiet areas so that we could drink water from our reusable container and munch on vegan food. We only crossed paths with natural wildlife and a cute family of four the entire time. So peaceful and relaxing – highly suggested and it’s free!

It was a long day gone fast but we were thrilled to have made an extra day out of our trip down south. We came across a few roadside attractions that I had researched first which made the route go fast. Trip to be continued…