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My latest love addiction is pointed to not only popcorn made directly from the stove (who needs one of those expensive ones from the store) but also Popped Sorghum Grain. This is something I found at Marshall’s – in the organic food section. Why is it that they have a better selection than most other grocery stores in the area, so strange! I’m not gonna complain though, I love health food and cheap prices.

Popped Sorghum Grain is totally right up my alley – hello itty bitty popped sorghum!!! I just love different foods but when it’s itty bitty – I’m sold! Lol, my husband calls me a cheap date. Haha Strangely enough though, it stated the flavoring was “butter” but the one thing missing from the ingredient list was in fact “butter”. So funny! But, vegans don’t eat butter so as the surveillance camera people probably noticed, I was the only jumping up and down and dancing in the aisle. I mean, what would a life be without itty bitty popcorn, right?

The taste was not far from air-popped corn. (…which I love, Mmm.) Really I could serve this to just about any unknowing person and he/she probably wouldn’t notice. Mwahahaha (That was my evil laugh, hope you weren’t too scared.) The size of the popped grain is less than half the size of the popped corn. So, I guess maybe that would be a clue to my unknowing test-trial person. Suppose that means I need to rethink the details to my plan.  Anyway, these little itty bitty cuties are only 100 calories per 1 cup!  Yum!  For this reason, I find these popped sorghum grains the perfect solution for a snack on the road or just when you are feeling lazy and hungry.

Thankfully I was able to grab an entire bag for myself, okay I did share with my husband. But, I haven’t been able to find this prepackaged healthy snack treat anywhere else. Too bad because I’m sure a lot of children would love the idea of having micro popcorn. If you are lucky enough to find this in your stores, what do you think? What stores can you purchase it in so others can try?