Oh my! Oh my!!   I’m so thrilled!  As mentioned before I have been wanting new running shoes for a few months now, the husband was in denial up until his knee started to hurt a few weeks ago.  We have since then been looking at new shoes and trying to figure out which ones to “run” for as our running shoes this summer.  Our running shoes used to last a few years, now that we are running about 20 miles a week that is no longer the case.  It’s really a 50/50 opinion on my side.  I love the fact that we are getting out there and running more but then again I don’t like the idea that we have to pay over $100 per person on shoes every year now. Haha  Who ever said running was a cheap sport?  But then again I guess it is cheaper than going to a specialist to purchase a fitted tennis racket or buy numerous exercise videos.

My choice this time was not only a Runner’s World Winner but also very colorful.  Yes, the color won me over, but as my husband put it they were made for me and my personality.  We took the advice of a fellow runner and friend and went online to purchase the shoes, unseen.  The stores in our area do not carry much more than just Nike, which if the brand fits your foot type that fine but unfortunately it doesn’t for my husband and me.  Last year I fell in love with Saucony ProGrid 5 (I think that was the number?).  This year I am trying out a new brand for me.  The shoe of choice is the Women’s ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 7.  The husband got the new Mizuno Red “Einstein” running shoes that Runners’ World has been “running” numerous ads for this year.  He looked at the Vibram but wasn’t sure if they would last for an entire year of running.  Ah well…  I can’t wait to get these running shoes! I just hope that my foot will be okay to test them out.

Last night we finally ordered the running shoes and today, I just read that since we are VIP members they sent them overnight and should arrive today!!!  Hooray!!!  *happy dance*  I can’t wait!  I will be sure to take photos!