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Another Monday means another recap on my weekend, hooray?  For many it was a weekend of sitting on a couch, drinking inhumanly amounts of beer and eating an alarming amount of junk food.  Thank goodness we don’t care for the Super Bowl in our household, since it’s the best time to get out and enjoy the quiet outdoors.

Friday my darling man, the furry baby and I adventured to a reservation (park) nearby and enjoyed an evening of walking in the brisk air.  Thanks to the slightly warmer weather, we were able to enjoy each others company.  It’s something we haven’t done in about two months, gasp!  The furry baby was thrilled to reclaim her territory and visit with the locals that passed; she’s a bit of a people-magnet.  In total we were able to walk 2.64 miles in about 51 minutes total (sniffing stop-times included).  After our walk we devoured some delicious freshly-baked homemade flour-less chocolate chip cookies and homemade almond-chocolate-hot cocoa (both of which I prepared before meeting up with the husband).  The furry baby inhaled a dried piece of turkey (she’s not vegan).  As we were walking back to the car we decided on Thai Take-out of Drunken Noodles, Summer Rolls and Red Curry & Tofu.  Yum!

Saturday we awoke earlier than normal for a weekend and I went straight to the kitchen and make Blueberry Pie Pancakes, recipe to come.  I made double, one serving for the hubby and one for the freezer.  Just like the puppy the night before, I only saw the pancakes for about one-minute before they were gone.  Maybe I should get my eyes checked or something… haha  The rest of the day went by so fast.  It was filled with eliminating some old magazines sitting around, cleaning the house, and… I’m not really sure.  Strange how the day came pass without even realizing….  My memory isn’t a complete write-off though, I remember I made this amazing mock meat spaghetti sauce and pasta.  It was healthy, filling and delicious.

Sunday came faster than we expected but we didn’t allow any more time to be wasted.  Why are weekends only two days long?  We woke up at our normal time for Sunday and decided it was high time to get our exercise on and start living a little more actively outside.  For breakfast I made the husband a bowl of banana, pumpkin and mixed nut oatmeal and I had my normal oatmeal fare.  But as a switch up we finally got our coffee to-go mugs filled with steaming hot “Bag of Coal” coffee (yea, still working on Christmas coffee) and headed to the park nearby.  It’s not a long walk, less than a mile.  The furry baby wasn’t thrilled about being removed from her warm pillow but she was soon just as happy walking down to her favorite park.  We listened to the calming stream and drank coffee – such a simple workout can turn into a major stress relieving action.  In total we walked 1.72 miles in 38.02 mins there and .82 miles back in 16.20 mins.  Not bad for a coffee run, I mean walk.

After the Super Bowl crowd was nestled on the sofas for the day, we chose to go get groceries and enjoy a nice run.  The temperatures were around 30* today, the air was so chilly my husband thought his toes were frozen.  We pushed on though and made it through 6.38 miles total in around 71 mins.  I’ll right about my interval splits later.  I did have a cramp like pain in the side of my right foot (probably still due to the old running shoes) but managed to make a PR on the first 5k!!!  Hooray!  I managed to get the run down to 31:23 mins.  I was hoping to get it down to 30 minutes or less but not complaining too much here.  After we get some new running shoes (still undecided which ones), I’m sure the pains will go away and a new PR will be done.

When we returned, the husband made me one of his tempting dinners, Vegan Moussaka II.  He actually prepared it before we left as I was chatting and playing with the cutest two-year old and adorable mama. He was the typical American housewife Casserole maker today, only it was a Mediterranean one.  He also made some killer pitas for our freezer stock.  I’m not sure if it was because I was in pain and icing/heating my foot, I would like to believe he was just totally on his game tonight.  A man that makes me dinner and does the dishes, he’s exclusively the best husband ever!  Two furry babies, an award winning husband and I all relaxed the rest of the night away with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn and a new can of Zevia Black Cherry.

How was your weekend?