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Today I have what I like to call “irritable syndrome”. It’s not from an outside force but rather that this is day 2 that I have to keep off my sore foot. I know there could be much worse things than not being able to run for a few days but still it’s really getting to me by being held hostage in my house since I live and work here. But, I’m trying with all my might to RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) my sore foot. I’m not sure how often I should ice though, suggestions? At least I have figured out how to stick my Hello Kitty Ice Pack up my slipper to keep it there for 30 minutes at a time without having to hold it with a bandage.

Last Night I was able to make two different types of vegan burger patties.  The first one was from Australia called Freekeh Burgers.  As you know, I love the whole grain freekeh that our Jordanian neighbors introduced us to almost 6 months ago.  Check out this recipe or this recipe.  Then second vegan burger was Lentil, Quinoa, Sweet Potato Burgers.  I’ll write reviews of both soon.  My husband had his on top of Fluffy Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns.  I had my burger on top of a large plate of organic mixed greens.  Yum!

For dessert we had homemade peach cobbler.  Well, again I didn’t because I don’t like hot fruit but the husband devoured it.  I used the last Zip-Lock freezer bag of peaches from this last summer.  I love freezing fruit and having it available during the winter months, especially seeing that oranges are hard to come by with the strange weather this year.

Nothing much on the workout front seeing that I’m supposed to keep my foot elevated, which is very hard for me.  Who thought relaxing would be so hard?  Not me until now…  Even the poor furry baby, Keela, is getting tired of all this sitting around.  Whenever I move an inch, she opens one eye to see if we are going on a walk.  Poor thing…  I feel terrible that I have to treat her so badly and not go out on walks a few times a day.