Diet is a well-known term that many of you know, I generally do not use the term daily.  It was a word conceived to represent basically what a person consumes, not the modern definition of methods to lose weight through depriving oneself.  A better way to put it is a lifestyle behavioral change, in my opinion.  As February starts today I’m reminded of this term and how I want my behavior to fluctuate and what the new month’s priorities will dominate over the others.


Not that I’m an expert, but I believe food is a large part of a healthy persons’ lifestyle.  It nourishes the body so that you can do the calorie burning that you desire.  Hence, it is more important to me than the workout itself.  Not only will a healthy meal provide the nutrients to the body daily but in the long run too.  This month I plan on eating 80-90% fresh clean food.  Confused?  It just means that I plan on eating healthy fresh fruits and vegetables along with proteins such as beans and tofu.  Yep, that means I plan on removing a lot of processed foods, especially eliminating some mock meats.  I eat healthy now but there is still some more improvement as far as a reduction of processed health products.  Don’t get me wrong, I plan on still having homemade sweets and won’t shy away from eating out at restaurants but it will be reduced.

Increase healthy whole foods
Decrease sugar intake (not eliminate though since I’m hypoglycemic)
Decrease night snack during the week


Running hopefully will be increased due to warmer weather.  Yep, I’m wishful thinking of these last few winter months.  I will continue to try for the goal of 20 miles per week.  Right now I have a running route of 6 miles for long runs. By the end of this month, I hope to be running 7 miles per long run.  Running is my own personal outlet so I will focus a lot on running since it puts me at ease.

5 days exercise (at least 30 minutes long)
Yoga at least 2x a Week
Weight-lifting at least 2x a Week
Walking (depends on weather)

What are you goals for February 2012?