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I woke up early this morning after a pretty sleepless night. After my long runs I have restless legs and it keeps me up. Solution to this anyone? Please?!?! So, I’ve been grouchy to say the least. I just must have 8 hours of sleep or I’m useless… Or maybe it was due to missing my hubby I’m not sure… Either way, I got up and made myself a terrible cuppa coffee and had my normal oatmeal meal.

The morning really got away from me as I got to purchasing glass jars for organizing our spices and dry beans. I got rid of a spinning spice container that used to sit on our counter – it just took up too much space. So, I got some amazing deals on seal-able glass jars but it did take about two hours of searching for the perfect ones. Then I also stopped by and got a few other things for organizing the husband’s home office. Yay! Walking around the shops really is a good workout.


Shopping Aftermath Fun

Then I ate leftovers from yesterday for lunch.

Our lovely neighbor came over with her two year old and we played/talked for a bit. Then it was already time for my gym workout. I tried to focus not on the work I didn’t get done for my job but on the workout ahead of me. Again the good treadmill was taken so I had to use an old one until the person left. The older treadmill hurts my legs because it is not level on the ground. Plus it changes tempos all the time – so strange! My stomach was hurting still a bit, so I decided not to run the entire time so I went ahead with speed training. I did 1/3 mile running at 8:40min/mile and then walked 1/3 and so on. It was a great workout and hopefully it will help my mile times. My ankle is still hurting a little and my right knee – still think it’s the shoes. Gotta start looking for something new.

Dinner: Leftover vegan chez sauce over whole wheat pasta with peas and a side salad. My stomach was hurting a bit still so I had to eat it in stages but I did make myself eat it.

All in all, I think today went rather well. I got out of the house instead of pouting at home about my husband being gone. Then I got myself to go to the gym again. Hooray! How was your day?