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Mondays are usually rather harsh but this week’s start was tough. It started out with getting the husband’s final items packed and out the door for a business trip. His work doesn’t tend to take him away much but when it does happen, it’s very sad. This is the first trip he has taken by himself without me. For me, the beauty of being a freelancer is that I can take my office on the road and it doesn’t matter much. So taking him to his office so he could receive a company car was really tough on me. Additionally, our local bakery wasn’t open so we had to go to Krispy Kreme Donuts to take for all the people going. I spread junk food to other people, I felt terrible. (At least I sent a ton of homemade vegan goodies to snack on for health and nutrition.)

When I returned home I wasn’t hungry for breakfast so I decided to relieve some stress by going to the gym. Exercise doesn’t come naturally to me so I have to push myself to do it when stressed. I’m a binge eater when sad/depressed so this was very monumental for me. It occurred to me that I could just sit at home pouting, as I ate a copious amounts of junk food, or I could enjoy myself out-and-about and completely crash at night. It seemed to have worked.

My workout consisted of 3 miles on the treadmill in 33 minutes. That was an average of 11 min/mile. In reality I do about a 12 min/mile and then speed up every few minutes until I’m running about a 9 min/mile. Unfortunately about 2.5 miles into the run (I had planned 4-6) the maid came into our tiny gated-community gym. She was a little aggravated I was using the gym in the morning when she wanted to clean so she was spraying lots of harsh chemicals right next to me. I even got off and used a weight to crack open the doorway for fresh air. Even a small joking comment that the chemicals were so strong didn’t work to get my point across that my coughing was due to the chemicals instead of a cold. I ended up lifting some weights for about 10 minutes and just couldn’t handle it anymore when she started to use the vacuum near my feet. Haha I gave in and left early…

Next I went home and got to some work in my home office. It didn’t last long though before the furry baby was begging to go outside for our morning walk. 1.25 miles down the road and back in the sunshine was very refreshing and the pooch was thrilled. Back home I made a simple lunch and got off to the zoo.

Mondays are free for local residents in Cleveland so it was the perfect day for my husband to leave. Hello free entertainment! Normally it is packed with young parents pushing their young ones in strollers but due to the occasional rain-shower, it was basically just a few people. I walked around for about 2.5-3 hours being entertained by the animals. Or was I the entertainment, I’m not sure…It was a pleasure to be able to see God’s wonderful creations while listening to my spiritual music on my iPod. I decided to leave about 30 minutes before the zoo closed because the rain poured and my feet were soaked. Thankfully I knew there was a hot bath waiting for my return so I wasn’t sad.

An hour in a hot bath and a simple salad dinner was a great ending to the day. Unfortunately later in the evening, when I was really sitting around the house alone, I did have some snacks. I had half a homemade vegan lemon poppy seed muffin, one serving of chips and a small 90 calorie can of coke. It was wrong but I’m thankful that I realized what I was doing and stopped after the first few things eaten. I’m still working on my issues with food but thankfully I see progress with overeating.

Note:  Sorry about the quality of pictures – due to the rain I only took my small camera and iPhone.