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It’s been one of those weeks that I question if the world has shifted slightly and the planets are not aligned correctly. I’ve always wanted to learn more about astrology and Chinese horoscopes but never had the full attention span to actually study it. So, this is all I can say about the last two days of my trials with working out and writing blog entries.

So, Tuesday afternoon it was more than gorgeous out for a January day. It’s mid-winter here so we are supposed to have a few feet of snow by this time of year. It’s very irregular to have 57F/14C and a full, cloudless sky of sunshine. At lunchtime I took the furry baby out for a nice 1.25 mile walk and she was having the time of her life!

Then the husband came home an hour early so we could go outside for a nice warm workout. His knee is still healing so he was on his bike and I was running alongside him. Even though his pain, he still comes out with me to exercise – can I say “Best Husband Award” winner! We got about a mile away from our house and the sunshine dulled and was covered by these gloomy black clouds. We contemplated what we should do but thankfully we turned around for home. I was disappointed that I didn’t get my long run in today but ran faster than normal just for more of a burn. I jumped in the shower and all of a sudden the lights started a disco show in the bathroom. A big bang and then we were out of electricity for the next 4-5 hours! It was interesting just enough to finish my shower in the dark and then make a candlelight dinner. Yes cooking by the light of a candle – thankfully we have a gas stove so with the strike of a match we had a working stove. It was a fun adventure and boy are we glad we turned around when we did!

Later we found out that the winds (that we exercised in) got up to around 60 MPH! I did notice the wind was incredibly fighting me – I thought I was just lighter due to the loss of a few pounds. Lol

Then Wednesday night I gave up going outside for a run. It was around 18F/-8C outside, so not going out in that temperature! Plus, my stomach was a little upset so an inside workout would be perfect. When I got to the gym, nothing was working again so I had to get someone to flip the fuse box switch to get the tv’s and treadmills working. It’s a small gym in our gated community so when they got a few new pieces of equipment they didn’t make adjustments for the extra needed power. It’s free with our community fees so what can I say… Then I turned on the heat since it was turned off and 55F/13C – grrrr… Then the darn thing persistently ran hot heat for the entire time I was there – pushing it out right on to me. Again, bad design. I stuck to my schedule and ran 6 miles – I felt great running the first 5 but the last 1 was more challenging because I was so hot due to the heater. When I stopped, my stomach was cramping up and I could barely move after I got my cool-down walk completed. I did some yoga to loosen things up while my husband finished up his biking before going home.

When I got home my stomach was so sore. It was all I could do to take a shower sitting down and then get dinner prepped. The darling hubby took over the last few steps as I laid under a heated blanket. I couldn’t move or eat for about three hours after my run. This happens a few times when I run more than normal but running 6 miles is normal to me now so I’m guessing the heat really did it in for me. The cramps were so strong my husband kept asking if I wanted to go see a doctor. Poor guy was so worried.

This morning, I’m feeling much better and thankfully no more cramps as of yet. The last two days have been very trivial but thankfully I’m keeping positive and making sure I don’t stop now just because a few things have gotten in the way.