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Thank you Martin Luther King Jr. for being born and becoming the great activist leader in African American Civil Rights in America so we could not only have equality but a also a three-day weekend. Okay, so maybe the first is more important than the last but I’m still thankful for both. The husband and I got three glorious days together just causally doing some work on our laptops, organizing a few things in the house and so on.

“Enjoy in happiness the pleasures which each hour brings with it.”(Author Unknown) 2012 for my husband and me is all about this quote. Sometimes we all get stuck in the patterns of our lives and never really experience anything new due to this fact. So, we have taken the boulder away from our cave and we are trying to get out more often to assure we don’t get stuck in boring habits. Anyone with me on this one?


Friday I went to my favorite office, outside the house, aka the coffee house. For some reason I get a ton of things done while at the coffee house during normal conditions. This Friday was not one of those occasions. Firstly, I got stuck near a guy at my first coffee house in the morning that was an “angry typer”. He was either one of those people that likes to hit the keys with extreme force to make sure each finger stroke functions correctly or something was going wrong. Either way, it was a slight irritation that I’m still slightly sore about I guess. Lol, I had a lovely cuppa coffee in my reusable coffee mug from my two nieces. Aren’t they adorable picking out a canine printed coffee mug for their favorite aunty? ^_^ As I drank my coffee, I also nibbled through my breakfast on a Clif Bar and an apple. Yum!

The afternoon consisted of lunch with the hubby at his work – leftover hummus, pitas, and lettuce. I returned to the same Caribou coffee house but it was full – no tables. Seeing that I only had a few more hours I tried to go to Panera Bread since they have large tables and electrical outlets for laptops. Unfortunately the place is jammed pack during the afternoon and I just left as there were no available tables. Finally I drove to a nearby Starbucks and found available tables. Apparently this one is always empty inside because the staff is not only annoyingly loud but the music they place is mosh pit loud. I used up my energy trying to focus on the rest of the things to get done so I could leave early. It worked and finally I made it back to pick up my hubby. Off to the Chinese store, Whole Foods Market, and Trader Joes for our weekly groceries. All three stores are within a few miles of each other so it’s not a bother to go to all three to pick up the best produce at the best prices.

Saturday we spent the morning drinking hot peppermint coffee at home together while reading. Then I got the great idea to purchase fresh fruits and veggies from Sam’s club in bulk and to organize a few things in our household. (BTW, they now sell kale!!!)  We ran around the city looking for organizing containers for our “overflow” spices and pasta, discounted Christmas candles and likewise. Then we returned home and cleaned as we organized a few necessary things. It was a calm but very busy day.

Sunday the husband wanted to get out again and go to the coffee house. I convinced him to eat oatmeal at home and then take some thawed Coconut Banana Muffins along with us. The coffee houses nearby rarely have vegan options and the pastries are rock hard – why pay over $3.00 for a rock? It worked great. He had muffins and I had a Luna Lemon Bar around 10AM. Off to lunch around noon at Fat Guys Burgers (no burger, grilled onion, grilled mushroom, lettuce, tomato and hot sauce). Then I took the husband to Target to get a television for his man cave. We ordered one at Christmas for him but when it came my laptop was bigger (why can’t they tell us the size of the actual viewing screen?). We found an amazing 32 inch flat screen and I think he was thrilled – couldn’t tell strangely enough. As you can expect, we spend the rest of the evening playing with the television.

Finally Monday (our government day off), we managed to get up early and have a nice bowl of steaming oatmeal and chocolate cherry coffee at home. We then got some things together and I made homemade vegan hot cocoa with Green and Black’s Dark Chocolate and Unsweetened Almond Milk. (I had TJ’s candy cane green tea) We placed it all with some bagged snacks in our backpack and were off to the Cleveland Metropark Zoo. It’s completely free on Mondays – minus the tropical building. We walked around sipping our hot drinks for three hours – it was wonderful! I love walking in the cold snowy weather with a hot drink in hand. It was rather busy too which means a lot of people were out there getting exercise too. Hooray!

Finally our weekend came to an end. If you made it to this very long weekend in review, how was your weekend?