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Just about all the other recipes I am making for Christmas have been for other people but this recipe I just merely wanted to try out “just because”. I wanted to make something red and green for the holidays and these minonos (otherwise known by the common brand called Milano’s). These cute cookie sandwiches are just so adorable they are hard to resist.

To make these I followed the recipe exactly (I know, you’re just as surprised as me). They were not only easy to put together but the end product looks like you took hours in the kitchen. I haven’t had this type of cookie within the last few years but if I were, I’d imagine they taste pretty similar. My only true complaint though is that the cookies aren’t as soft as the highly chemical processed ones sold in grocery stores. I’d rather have guilt-free cookies instead though. Vegan Cookies Invade the Cookie Jar Minonos have a harder texture but are still just as tasty.

As far as baking the cookies, they aren’t that hard. Basically you mix together all the ingredients in a bowl. Divide the dough into two balls and then add the two different food colorings, red in one bowl and green in the other one. Divide the dough into the correct amount of balls and then flatten them out according to the recipe. Continue with the rest of the recipe as directed. It’s so easy.

I highly suggest you make these delicious cookies. Not only are they easy to put together but as the finished cookies sit on the counter you will feel so accomplished. No one has to know that these cookies took less than an hour in total. Perfect!