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Hello Hello Hello Everyone!  Things have been very crazy around here so I haven’t had much time to write lately but do not fear I am still hanging around.  This week I was able to post a ton of recipes for your enjoyment and a few restaurant reviews, I hope you enjoyed them all.  I’m working on a few more recipes for early next week but for now these recipes are being in my “test kitchen”.

Thankfully I have been chugging along with my December Personal Workout Challenge.  Yesterday I ran 3 miles in 33 minutes, lifted weights for 15 minutes, 30 sit-ups on the balance ball, and rounded up the workout with a 3 mile bike ride.  It was a quick change of pace since this last weekend was filled with not even one gym workout! Oh my oh my!  So yesterday, Tuesday, I made my schedule to fit in my workout at the gym, even though I was busy with work.  It was a stress-relieving workout, the perfect solution to reducing holiday stress.  It’s highly suggested after a long weekend of holiday shopping.

After the workout I was reminded of the bad food choices I have been selecting recently.  Not that I have been eating terribly bad but the selections have had less fresh vegetables and more sugary options than I would normally prefer.  It’s probably the holiday season coming into our house but nonetheless it has to be reduced.  It sounds gross, but one can always tell of the lack of eating success by the quality of sweat one gives off when exercising.  Stay with me here, I know it’s strange but it’s totally the truth.  If you are workout gal or guy you know what I’m talking about with this topic.  One sweats more and with more odor than when one eats healthy.  It’s totally true but totally gross!  I just mention it because if you are not sure of your eating habits of late, you should go to get a workout in and see how you feel and smell.  Ha-ha

For now, I’m keeping right on track with all my December Personal Workout Challenge Goals.  Hooray!  How are you doing on yours?